Daily Review: I’m The Grasshopper by Stephanie Parker McKean

Will an unsolved murder somehow bring her back together with the love of her life? 

When newspaper staff writer Stacy Estes trips over a man’s body in her grandmother’s yard, she goes from reporting the news to being the news. This is hard for the 48-year-old widow whose reactions to life are usually…Run. Hide.

Stacy fights to keep her secrets intact, including her physical disability, especially from the first love of her life, Kirk, who has moved back to the community.

Lost treasure?

Gold mining in Texas?

Flying saucers on her grandmother’s hill?

And what about the men who go into the Comanche Cliff store – and disappear?

Mysteries entangle and endanger Stacy. When a local poacher is jailed for the murder of the man found in her grandmother’s yard, Stay’s life unravels.
Then her investigation into the murder victim on her grandmother’s property takes her to the strange world of boanthropy, where people believe they are cows.

It sends her into a confrontation with the satanic worshiper “Snake.”

And she is slated for the next sacrifice.

Stephanie Parker McKean

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By Valmarp

This is a real Stephanie Parker McKean romp. Stace Estes is a mature woman with a few failures behind her, not to mention some physical problems, but as a small-town journalist, she has to investigate things and thereby hangs the tale.

With Ms. McKean’s usual flair, the story rolls along: there are colorful characters galore, some romance dilemmas and some fairly nail-biting and scary situations. I love Ms. McKean’s depiction of her native Texan countryside and there is both innocence and grit in the story; both darkness and light.

In the end, everything turns out well for the formerly vulnerable Stace and the book leaves the reader with a broad smile.

It was just what I needed during these grey winter days and I loved it. Ms. McKean’s writing is certainly stylized; it is her unique stamp, but all the more Texan for it.

It also has a sprinkling of her normal Christian message, which for non-Christians is really no problem and not heavy at all.

So for less than the price of a cup of coffee, mount up and enjoy the ride. It is so refreshing, I can highly recommend it.

Amazon Review


In her prime, journalist, Stace Estes struggles with some health issues but that does not stop her from doing her investigations. Her life is endangered the instant she discoveries a dead guy at her grandma’s place.

Her life spins out of control when the examination takes her to the bizarre place, boanthropy, where folks think they are cows. Due to a run-in with ‘Snake’ a satanic worshiper, Stacey is scheduled to be the next sacrifice.

No spoiler alerts here.

You’ll need to read it to see how this mysterious, homicide case turns out as well as find out what will transpire between Stace and former love Kirk, whom no other man has measured up to? Stephanie Parker McKean has had an adventurous life, to say the least.

She has survived a mauling by an African lion a snake bite and been through so many more extraordinary things that most people will never experience.

Just like her life, her story is filled with flair and adventure. The twists and turns kept me thoroughly enjoying each page.

It is fast-paced and extraordinary just like her life, and she weaves her faith in Christ throughout subtly. Awesome read!

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