Daily Review: Heartbreaker by Laura Taylor

Can Bliss persuade Micah to set aside his pride and acknowledge their love for one another, or will he become the ultimate HEARTBREAKER?

Pride, determination, and sensuality collide as sculptor Bliss Rowland comes face to face with Naval Intelligence officer Micah Holbrook. He is the man who rescued her eleven years ago in the aftermath of a London terrorist attack.

Following yet another terrorist incident, Micah now faces the threat of permanent blindness. Their roles are reversed. This time, Bliss is cast in the role of rescuer. Even as Micah denies his desire for Bliss, he tries to convince himself that he has nothing to offer the highly acclaimed sculptor.

The real question that must be answered: Can Bliss persuade Micah to set aside his pride and acknowledge their love for one another … or will he become the ultimate HEARTBREAKER?

Laura Taylor

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By Traveling Grandma

Many books are written about the horrors of war, but few are written for the general population about the effects war has on our Warriors, especially those who are injured. This is not a deep, psychological book, but one the speaks more casually to the personal aspects of the injured Warrior and the people in his life.

This is a story about one of these Warriors that has been injured and now faces the possibility that he will be blind for the rest of his life. A friend, who is a Presidential Envoy, sends Micah Holbrook to his private estate on St. Thomas and to his daughter, Bliss, asking her to help him accept the reality of his situation and to teach him how to live independently.

The only problem as far as Bliss is concerned was the Micah is a former lover. It is interesting to read how Micah deals with Bliss who shows him no pity and makes him learn to take care of himself. Micah is depressed and bitter and at first refuses to cooperate with her. Bliss has forbidden the medical personnel, who came with him to the island, not to help him or to obey any orders, unless it is a matter of his safety.

As the story evolves both Micah and Bliss fight the awaking of intimacy and love, but Micah is convinced he has nothing he can offer Bliss and Bliss doesn’t want to be hurt again by Micah. This was an enjoyable book to read as it didn’t dwell on the war or how Micah got hurt, but on how to learn to live and love once again.

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By Book Lover

Eleven years ago the seventeen-year-old Bliss Rowland was saved after a terrorist attack by the young Naval Intelligence Officer Micah Holbrook. Bliss remained nearly unharmed but acquired the first crush on a man she didn’t know and didn’t see again.

Today Bliss is a successful sculptor and lives a secluded life dedicated to her art. However, her father calls her one day announcing to her that Micah Holbrook was involved in a terror attack that has left him blind. Her father is indebted to Micah who saved his life once and he is convinced that only Bliss can help him.

When Micah arrives at the estate, Bliss faces a bitter man whose life was shattered in an instant. Bliss decides to devote herself to Micah for as long as necessary until he’ll be able to accept his destiny and move on. But the more time she spends with him the more she falls in love with Micah who doesn’t want to be an obstacle in her life.

What a strong woman! Bliss was a wonderful main character who gave everything she had for the man she loved. I absolutely admired how she tried to cajole Micah into accepting his faith and move on. Her endless and heartfelt support was admirable.

Micah was a worthy male lead character. All his reactions to his injury were realistically depicted and I could but suffer and hope with him. His initial angry and offensive reactions to Bliss were understandable, however, I expected a more mature feedback to Bliss’ feelings, especially when she let him feel in so many ways that his loss of sight doesn’t matter to her.

This book was absolutely lovely. The way Bliss described everything to Micah, reaching from the house to how his food is arranged on the plate impressed me very much. In general, this was a very subtly written and deeply impressed me.

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