Daily Review: All Hallows’ Eve Heist by Anna Celeste Burke

Will Jack and Georgie nab the faux-furred fiends before they can wreak more havoc or escape.

An art heist on Halloween goes wrong.

When thieves break into Marvelous Marley World Headquarters on All Hallows’ Eve, they steal Max Marley’s valuable animation cels and shoot a Gallery guard.

It’s the end of date night for Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler when they’re both summoned to the scene. Gunshots fired in the tunnels beneath Marvelous Marley World signal more trouble as trigger-happy thieves head for the theme park.

With the Halloween Hullabaloo-Boo in full swing, the pressure’s on to catch the culprits before they can get away with their cache of stolen treats or unleash dirty tricks on unsuspecting park guests.

A message from the grave has everyone stumped. That’s not all. Figuring out whodunit could take a little extra work. The park is packed, and everyone’s in costume, including the bad guys.

Will Jack and Georgie nab the faux-furred fiends before they can wreak more havoc or escape?

Grab your copy of this fun, fast-paced, cozy mystery and find out!

Recipes included!

Anna Celeste Burke

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By JM Varner

I am so glad that I had a whole day from “real life” commitments to enjoy this series. Georgie and Jack make a delightful couple.

The plot is fast-paced as both Georgie and Jack are called to the scene of a burglary and shooting at Marvelous Marley World headquarters. The thieves escape from the offices into the tunnels that run under the theme park and the chase is on.

Complicating matters for the police is that it’s Halloween Hullabaloo – Boo in the park. I was totally swept up and didn’t put the book down until the end. This was a twisty tale that included more shenanigans by Max’s daughter, which is sad since she was killed in the first book in the series.

Not a good legacy to leave behind but a perfect storyline.

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By Frances Hampton

I’m a Halloween freak and the title of this one screamed at me, “read me first!” I’m happy that I listened to that voice as now I can say you can enjoy this book even if you haven’t read the others. There are references to them but the author gives you enough background.

I plan on reading the other books.

I really like Georgie. She is a fun character. Her love interest, Jack, is wonderful too. Miles is Georgie’s cat and there is a surprise involving him. I found the book to be an entertaining read.

I was caught up in the shenanigans at the park and the story moved along quickly. I loved the peeks we got of the inside of the park. I felt like I was there.

There are recipes included for the food mentioned in the story. Of course I made one, (actually two). I made the Spicy Pumpkin Soup and the sinfully delicious brownies. I used cashews in the brownies, (they were on hand), but they were excellent. Both recipes were easy to follow and came out tasty.

I would recommend the book to those looking for an entertaining, fast read.

Amazon Review

By nataliemarie71

What can I say except that All Hallows Eve by Anna Celeste Burke, is another 5-star book! I would never have chosen to read a Halloween book way before Halloween, but as I am getting to know more and more about Georgie and Jack, I had to move on to book 3!

All Hallows Eve began when there was a call about shots fired at Marvelous Marley World, where Georgie is employed. Well, my heart started thumping when I read those lines, as I am sure Georgie felt the same! The real problem was how were they going to catch the murderer when there was a big Halloween Party going on throughout the theme park?

Leave it to Jack Reilly and our ever-persistent Georgie Shaw, to crack and solve another mystery! As usual, they did, and what a surprise that Max’s “loving daughter, Mallory,” was behind all of this carnage! She still rules, even from beyond the grave!

My other WOW moment was when we meet the new car, Ella! Who and what was behind the scheme to bring a new cat into Georgia’s life? I will give you two guesses, and one clue is “Snap. Crackle. Pop.”

Thank you, Anna, for another wonderful story!

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