Daily Review: Guns, Wives & Chocolate by Sally Berneathy

If you enjoy a light-hearted mystery, fun and interesting characters, and a snarky sense of humor, this is the book for you.

Lindsay hosts a welcome home party for a drug dealer’s release from prison. What could possibly go wrong?

Soon Lindsay’s back yard is filled with felons, loud music, and smoke from various kinds of cigarettes.

Lindsay’s ex’s ex, Grace, arrives with her young son and her new husband, Chuck. They are moving in across the street.

Chuck is murdered.

Then his other wife calls.

Wait … his other wife?

Can things get worse?


Sally Berneathy

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By Keli Baker

I’m a fan of whodunnits and cozy mystery stories but this may be one of my favorite series!

Lindsay, Fred, Paula, Trent, and even Rickhead are such a fun and endearing group!

I love Lindsay’s persona, she’s a very realistic character and she’s provided tons of laugh-out-loud moments for me throughout all of the Death by Chocolate books.

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By D.J. Baushke

I have read every one of Sally Berneathy’s books in this series.

This particular story is laugh out loud, and you won’t be disappointed. Did I mention you get to meet Howdy Doody? Well, not the real puppet we enjoyed watching on TV in the ’50s, oh so many years ago, but a sinister version.

Sally does such a great job on describing characters and situations, that you actually feel like you are in the story as an observer on the sidelines.

She has other series she writes–I have read them all and look forward to reading future releases.

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By Sue Hanson

If you enjoy a light-hearted mystery, fun and interesting characters, and a snarky sense of humor, this is the book for you. If you haven’t had the chance to read the whole Death by Chocolate series by Sally Berneathy,

I would highly recommend that you put this series on your “to be read” list. This book, as with all of the Death by Chocolate books, can be stand alone and still be enjoyed. However, they are much more fun when read in order.

It is fun and totally light-hearted entertainment that will keep you giggling and guessing throughout the book. These are not “hard-core” suspense/mysteries. If you are looking for intense suspense murder mysteries then you probably want to try a different book.

BUT…if you are looking for a relaxing and fun book that will take you out of your day to day grind and let you relax and enjoy a bit of craziness with some really fun characters, I would highly recommend this book/series.

I don’t talk about the stories in my reviews for fear of taking the fun out of the experience. I just hope you will take my word for it and pick up a copy and have some fun. Happy Reading!!!

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