Daily Review: The Good Teacher by Lorraine Carey

There’s a realistic mix of drama, mystery, humor, intrigue, and heartache as in this unbeatable paranormal thriller.

I am proud and excited to announce my new Occult Thriller, The Good Teacher. Not since the movie, Practical Magic has a novel such as this come about.

A young and powerful empath will embark on a journey to start a new career as a teacher only to be caught in the midst of some dark magic at play that challenges her to many levels. She must fight for justice amongst her abusers from her past and present. A secret underground cult in New Mexico has plans for her salvation, but not without cost. There is plenty of magic, romance, deception and suspense.

Light a candle for Daniella Reyes. She’s going to need it.

Your child’s teacher belongs to an underground religious cult. Are you worried? You should be!

Some teachers are better than others. Some are just better at keeping secrets~ especially the dark ones.

Her teaching career lasted two weeks~ Her legacy, a lifetime.

The crows were her messengers

She was the only one who knew their secret, few knew hers.

She had to save her students and her father’s soul while risking her own.

She got to see a side of Santa Fe she never knew existed.

Mesa Luna Elementary School harbors some dark secrets. One teacher will fight for what’s right even if it means losing her job.

First-year teacher, Daniella Reyes was physically and emotionally abused as a child.

She’d make damn sure no other child would endure the same, and she’d risk it all for them.

Daniella Reyes has quite a to-do list:

Save her father’s soul

Rescue a few abused children in her classroom

Save her relationship with Luke

Save her job

Uncover the secrets of the Women of the Willow Wood

The Past catches up with you

It can be a blessing or a curse

It’s what you do last that counts.

Lorraine Carey


Amazon Review

By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

The Good Teacher is the first book in the Women of the Willow Wood series written by Lorraine Carey. About to start as the new third-grade teacher at Mesa Luna Elementary, Daniella Reyes awakens from a nightmare about her abusive father who had died in a car accident ten years earlier.

While her hatred of her dead father still runs deep, Daniella tries to focus all of her energy into her new job. Hundreds of crows watch Daniella as she leaves her home on her very first day on the job, and then follow her to the school.

The school’s principal seems infatuated with her, yet gains pleasure in bullying her while finding fault in almost everything she does. After one of her students is assaulted by his father at home, Daniella’s empath powers kick in and she tries to help the child, only to be stopped by the principal who has nothing but respect for the child’s abuser – one of the town’s police officers – who flirts blatantly with Daniella, regardless that he is married.

Slowly Daniella starts figuring out the pieces of the puzzle which is her crazy life, and she is shocked to discover that her dead father might be the key.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed The Good Teacher. With so many aspects of this tale that I could relate to, I found Daniella to be a character which was absolutely believable.

The paranormal events deepened the storyline significantly, adding a whole new edge to the tale. Lorraine Carey’s insight and imagination are beyond impressive and she has flawlessly captured the emotional turmoil of a battered woman who is fighting to save the life of another.

The main character has a total slime-ball for a boss, a narcissist for a supervisor, and unwelcome sexual advances from a predatory woman/child abuser.

The Good Teacher stirred up a whirlpool of emotions as the story progressed and reached its shocking climax. I recommend The Good Teacher to all readers who enjoy books with a realistic mix of drama, mystery, humor, intrigue, and heartache as in this unbeatable paranormal thriller.

Amazon Review

By Oscar Crawfordchi

Lorraine Carey is the master of paranormal suspense. In her thriller, The Good Teacher, Daniella (Dani) Reyes is a woman living an exciting life. She is a beautiful young Latina, focused on leaving her past behind.

She lives with a wealthy boyfriend. She is a teacher in New Mexico Elementary School. Things are happening until the first day of the new school year when crazy things begin to happen one after another. A threatening principal, the effects of PTSD from child abuse, her relationships falls apart a murder of crows following her push Dani into an emotional free fall.

Her new students are important to her. She is concerned for some of their safety. She wants to provide them protection she never had as a little girl. What will happen to them if she is not around?

What can she do? To whom can she turn for help? Where does it lead? Can Dani survive the madness? Step inside The Good Teacher for an adventure into the chaos of emotional darkness. You have to find out why. This is a five-star page-turner that will affect you.

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