Daily Review: Golden Threads by Martha Duke Anderson

This story is simple but profound. And reconnects us with the truth.

After her mother’s death, Mona, heartbroken and self-absorbed, moves in with Gran when she loses her job and can’t make it on her own. It’s a big change from her Army-kid upbringing. Intriguing and superstitious.

Gran tells fascinating old family stories, but not the one Mona needs to hear most.

Through work, Mona meets John and Lennie. Both vie for her love, but each has his own challenge that prevents Mona from freely giving her heart.

Will mild-mannered Gran ever be able to tell Mona the unspoken truth that could change everything with her two handsome suitors?

Through laughter and tears, Mona discovers a growing love and admiration for older folks, and for both men, but which man will be her true love?

Fans of Fried Green Tomatoes and The Help will enjoy this southern family saga love story that connects the generations with love and compassion.

Martha Duke Anderson

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By Judy

I have read this book, and once the connection is made between the storyteller, the story, and the story listener, you will find Mona’s journey for a solution delightful.

In days gone by, we had oral traditions, storytelling, passed from one generation to the next. Now, we have google, instant answers! Martha’s book restores the heart of our humanity and reminds us of the truly precious connections we have to one another.

This story is simple but profound. And reconnects us with the truth. It is in storytelling and story listening that we are healed! And to honor our elders makes the next generation wiser, stronger and prepared to face challenges and to live life to the full!

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to reconnect to their own rich heritage!

Amazon Review

By Amazon Customer

Golden Threads is a delightful look into the richness possessed by the aging among us which is often hidden beneath wrinkles, masked by frustratingly slow and deliberate steps, or simply plowed past by the pride and headstrong confidence of youth.

Follow Mona Watford as she makes, admits, and grows from her own mistakes with the aging population, and becomes their unwitting champion. While growing into her calling, she finds unexpected relationships that stand to change her life forever in more ways than one…

Golden Threads offers more than a cozy read: Anderson infuses the pages with tales of savory southern meals and treats readers to the recipes. Beyond this, she shares how the seniors in our own lives can best be respected and supported in maintaining their independence and dignity.

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