Daily Review: Going Dark by Neil Lancaster

Gritty suspense, thrilling action and flawed heroes battling against the odds, a story told by a man who lived it.

Tom Novak is a troubled soul with a dark and bloody past.

A former refugee, Royal Marine, and member of the elite Special Reconnaissance Regiment, he now finds himself struggling with the deadening routine of day-to-day policing.

When he is deployed undercover to infiltrate a gang of people-traffickers, things go badly wrong. Faced with an impossible choice, his cover is blown and he finds himself on the run from the Serbian mafia and even his fellow police colleagues.

With no-one to trust, and his enemies using all the resources of the state against him, Tom has only one option: to Go Dark.

Who are the police traitors feeding the Serbian mafia his every move? Is there anyone he can trust? Can Tom prove his innocence before it’s too late?

Going Dark is the debut crime thriller from former covert specialist Detective Sergeant Neil Lancaster and the first in the Tom Novak series. If you enjoy gritty suspense, thrilling action and flawed heroes battling against the odds, then you’ll love Going Dark.

Get Going Dark today, and enter a murky world where all is not as it seems, and enemies lie around every corner.

Neil Lancaster

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By Lumpsta

I was impressed with the abundant knowledge the author managed to include in this book, venturing on how things actually are for the police and evidential material.

His protagonist is both grounded and skilled, as well as believable; a mysterious past and troubled childhood adding a level of intrigue that kept the pages turning.

Indeed, I found all the characters in the book believable and Lancaster provided just the right amount of background and linking of backstories to drip feed this intelligent and well-researched debut novel.

I look forward to book two as Lancaster certainly has left me both wanting more as well as wondering where little threads of intrigue may lead.

Well done Mr. Lancaster, I would say Stephen Leather has some competition.

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By Nicky

But, despite his troubled past, Tom Novak could never be described as bad. Far from it—he’s actually the perfect man: quiet, unassuming, intelligent, multilingual, well-travelled, calm, good in a crisis, and a Snapchat aficionado.

He’s a man for all seasons—scrubs up well in a suit but looks equally great in green & brown makeup, white overalls, or a baseball cap from Asda. Willing to freelance after hours if necessary, makes good on his promises, and always cleans up after his dirty work.

Date nights with Tom are guaranteed to be exciting: anything from Muay Thai lessons to quad biking in the Cairngorms or even an impromptu hotel stop in Belgrade. Whatever the choice, he’ll always keep you guessing. Just don’t cross him. Or call him English.

A seriously terrific read and brilliant debut novel. And a must for anyone who enjoys crime fiction, especially with a police and military focus. In a nutshell, it’s a great reminder that what goes around, comes around—for better or for worse.

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By Bill D

I read this book in four chunks over the Bank holiday weekend, which was some going as there were a hundred other things to do, but I was so taken and quickly engrossed in this story.

I am an avid crime genre reader, I would describe this book as a cross between Stephen Leathers “Spider Shepherd” series and Chris Ryan (I love both authors) but even more realistic, and believable!

I come from a similar background as the author and I knew the plot locations both in England and Scotland so found it particularly interesting and vivid.

I can also vouch for the authenticity of the police procedural side of things as well so this made for a genuine read with not too much poetic license taken!! I found myself relating strongly to the lead character in this book in his experiences as a Detective Sergeant going through the motions before the story really takes off!

It rattles along at just the right pace and you don’t need to come from a police or army background to enjoy this book, far from it and my wife is about to start it shortly but I already know she will also love it.

Its often difficult to find a good new author amongst the many publications nowadays but Neil Lancaster has produced an exceptional book to start his literary career and I know it’s a cliché but I really do look forward to the next book as this has the hallmark of a fantastic series with strong and believable characters.

I also feel this book would make a hell of a film or TV show.

Fantastic Debut, Neil Lancaster!!!

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