Daily Review: Girl in the Window by Renee Pawlish

To catch the real killer and clear her name, Amber must peel back the hidden layers of a neighborhood she thought she knew.

She thought her neighbors had the perfect life. But when murder rocks the suburbs, she becomes the perfect suspect…

Amber is barely holding it together. In the midst of a messy divorce, sometimes the only thing that gets her out of bed is spying on her handsome neighbor Caleb. She fantasizes about trading places with Caleb’s spouse and makes it no secret that she’d kill for that kind of life. Her words come back to haunt her when Caleb’s wife is murdered and Amber becomes a top suspect…

To catch the real killer and clear her name, Amber must peel back the hidden layers of a neighborhood she thought she knew. The clues lead her to shocking revelations about Caleb’s far-from-perfect marriage and her own failed relationship. As she digs deeper, Amber is certain of one thing: there’s no end to what people will do to keep their secrets behind closed doors…

The Girl in the Window is a spine-tingling psychological suspense novel. If you like unsettling suburban mysteries, complex characters, and jaw-dropping twists, then you’ll love Renée Pawlish’s mind-bending story.

Renee Pawlish


For Girl in the Window

“I am a fan of Renee Pawlish’s detective series – Reed Ferguson – and didn’t know what to expect when beginning this new book, The Girl in the Window. I found it quite a departure from her usual writing. While there is a mystery in this book, there was little else in common with the Ferguson series.

“It begins with the girl in the window. She had everything she wanted: the handsome, well-to-do husband; the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood; the perfect gym. Then her marriage fell apart – was it ever close to perfect? Was any of it? She stands in the window every morning and watches Caleb leave for work – the handsome neighbor with the beautiful home, wife, marriage – everything Amber wants including Caleb.

“Then it all falls apart. Is anything ever as it seems from the outside looking in? There is a murder. Was Amber involved? No spoilers here. I recommend this well written, interesting mystery and I hope Ms. Pawlish continues to write more books like this one!” Pattig144


“Girl in the Window echoes psychological thrillers like Girl on the Train, which I am a true fan of. I loved the suspense Ms. Pawlish creates a slow build to a fast-paced shocking ending I didn’t see coming.” MagnoliaBelle
“I love all Renee’s books but for some reason, this was my favorite. I got hooked right from the start and read it all the way through!” Jean

“If you like suspense with twists and turns in the plot, you will love this book. Did not see the ultimate outcome if this story. You will not be disappointed by this book.” M.

“I found this psychological suspense novel intriguing and hard to put down before the end.” E.L.


“I really enjoy psychological thrillers and to me, this is one of the best.I did wonder about it for the first couple of pages but was very quickly drawn in and it then became unputdownable.” Harry Keen“Life is not what it seems. Loneliness and hurt can motivate the neighborhood to murder. But who did it keeps you guessing to the end.” Janie

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