Daily Review: The Girl from Oto by Amy Maroney

A powerful story and an intriguing mystery, an unforgettable novel of obsession, passion, and human resilience.

A Renaissance-era woman artist and an American scholar. Linked by a 500-year-old mystery…

The secrets of the past are irresistible—and dangerous.

1500: Born during a time wracked by war and plague, Renaissance-era artist Mira grows up in a Pyrenees convent believing she is an orphan.

When tragedy strikes, Mira learns the devastating truth about her own origins.

But does she have the strength to face those who would destroy her?

2015: Centuries later, art scholar Zari unearths traces of a mysterious young woman named Mira in two 16th-century portraits.

Obsessed, Zari tracks Mira through the great cities of Europe to the pilgrim’s route of Camino de Santiago—and is stunned by what she finds.

Will her discovery be enough to bring Mira’s story to life?

Amy Maroney

Meet the Author:

Amy Maroney lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, and spent many years as a writer and editor of nonfiction before turning her hand to historical fiction.

She’s currently obsessed with pursuing forgotten women artists through the shadows of history.

When she’s not diving down research rabbit holes, she enjoys hiking, drawing, dancing, traveling, and reading.

Amy is the author of the Miramonde Series, a trilogy about a Renaissance-era female artist and the modern-day scholar on her trail.

To receive a free prequel novella to the series, join Amy’s readers’ group at www.amymaroney.com.

Amazon Review


This debut novel from Portland, Oregon author, Amy Maroney, is outstanding!

She creates such well-rounded characters, rich dialogue, and detailed landscapes that the reader immediately feels immersed in the story and invested in these characters.

It is clear that she has done extensive research (think Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and World Without End) but, the text never gets weighed down by these details.

I would recommend this book to fans of the Outlander series as well because the author is a master of detail and dialogue.

The story weaves between the lives of an artist nun, Mira, who lives in 15th century Pyrenees and Zari Durell, a contemporary art historian.

There are mystery and drama and each chapter leaves you with the desire to turn the next page. That is a rare gift in a book!

I am a lover of historical fiction however, I feel that this book would appeal to everyone.

Amazon Review

By Amy M. Bruno

One of my favorite things in life is a good book series. A series that you can immerse yourself in, with characters that fascinate you, and a plot that keeps you rushing through the pages. I am thrilled to report that I have found such a new obsession with Maroney’s Miramonde series!

The Girl from Oto is told in a dual timeline format, alternating between the late 1400s and the present time. And as with most dual timelines, I enjoyed the past a little better than the present. However, the way Maroney weaves them together, revealing hints as you go, was absolutely brilliant.

In the present timeline, Zari is an art historical tracking down paintings worldwide from a 16th-century female painter, and in the past, we are taken back to medieval Spain and Miramonde who was born to a Baron and Baroness but secretly taken to an Abbey to be raised in safety.

There were so many interesting aspects to this story! The details in themselves are impressive and it’s apparent that the author did her research. The art history, the wool trade, the insight into life in an Abbey, the Pyrenees, painting…I devoured it all!

The Girl from Oto is perfect for fans of historical fiction and art history. I inhaled it in one sitting and am desperate to get to the second book in the series! Highly recommended!

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