Daily Review: The Gift by Lolli Powell

I highly recommend this story to anyone who believes in the power of love and that miracles are possible.

The greatest gifts of all are love and hope.

Elizabeth Mitchell is spending Christmas with her children and grandchildren, but the recent death of Elizabeth’s ailing husband and the absence of her son-in-law, missing in Afghanistan, hangs like a shroud over the family gathering.

Then Elizabeth begins to tell the story of the miracle that happened to her one Christmas when she was young and wanted to die, and the shroud begins to lift.

Lolli Powell

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By Jane

Carla isn’t feeling happy at Christmas. There’s been no news of her husband Kevin who’s gone missing in Afghanistan. Her mother, Elizabeth Mitchell, had cared for her husband for nearly two years until he died recently.

It was a sad Christmas this year without the two most important people. When Carla’s mother proceeds to tell a story to Carla, her brother Jake, and her kids 6-year-old Ethan and 12-year-old Kayla, she didn’t want to hear it at first.

What does it have to do with her?

Why is her mother telling a story of her past?

A touching Christmas story with miracles.

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By Susan

A heart-warming story which takes us through the bleak emotions of a military wife who is unsure about the fate of her beloved husband. Clara’s husband, Kevin, has been deployed to Afghanistan and is presently missing in action. Clara has also recently lost her father after he suffers a stroke.

Though her mother seems to be handling the death of her spouse quite well, Clara is fighting depression and anxiety not knowing where Kevin is. Brought together for the Christmas celebration, Clara’s two children are not aware their father is missing and are caught up in the spirit of the season.

This turns into an emotional roller-coaster as Clara struggles to deal with revelations about her mother’s past which seem to parallel some of her present circumstances.

Well-written engaging story and highly recommended!

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By Michelle

Wow. This truly is one of the best stories I’ve read in quite some time. From the very beginning, The Gift captivated me and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

I loved the way the author told the story of the mother and daughter from both perspectives by showing the reader the present in the daughter’s eyes and the past with flashbacks through the mother’s eyes.

Both women are such compelling and realistic characters. The author’s descriptions of scenery and emotions made me feel like I was right there with these women, sharing their struggles. This is especially true with Elizabeth (the mother)’s point of view.

This book gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes in a single paragraph. I highly recommend this story to anyone who believes in the power of love and that miracles are possible.

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