Daily Review: Genteel Secrets by S. R. Mallery

A heartwarming–heartbreaking story of danger, blackmail, and espionage but also love, hope, and friendship.

What do a well-bred Southern Belle and a Northern working class Pinkerton detective have in common? Espionage . . . and romance.

At the start of the U.S. Civil War, while young men begin dying on American battlefields and slavery is headed toward its end, behind the scenes, female undercover work and Pinkerton intelligence are alive and well.

But in the end, can this unlikely Romeo and Juliet couple’s love survive, or will they be just another casualty of war?

S.R. Mallery

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By Angel

Hannah Mayfield is not your typical Southern Belle. She is a smart, brave, and educated young lady who believes in values like justice and equality. While growing up, her best friend was a slave named Noah. But their friendship placed both of them at risk.

James Neely is not your typical Pinkerton detective. He is a compassionate young man who shares Hannah’s values.

During troubled times of war, their love flourishes and gives them strength and determination for a better life, away from all this hatred consuming everyone around them.

Genteel Secrets is a heartwarming–heartbreaking story of danger, blackmail, and espionage but also love, hope, and friendship.

This is not the first novel by S. R. Mallery that I’ve read, and like all the other ones, I enjoyed it immensely.

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By Neda

Sometimes we ask ourselves what does true love mean? Does it mean when two people commit and sign a piece of paper so they can stay with each other forever, whenever things are so easy and perfect when no one is having a hard time?

Or is true love when two lovers stay with each other under any circumstances, when they don’t give up and they do anything to just experience the beauty of love again and again, no matter how hard the path is; when they don’t give up and just hold hands and go on?

In this book, S. R. Mallery shows how tough life can be sometimes for people who are indeed in love, yet also how much they can grow by believing in their feelings for the true love of their lives. The author uses her creative mind perfectly to visualize a love story through the Civil War, between two people from two different classes of society and backgrounds.

This book was very well written, and again Mallery uses her gifted talent to guide her readers to imagine every scene of the story like a colorful movie on their giant brain screen.

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By Riley:

So many parallels to today, where political uncertainty is cause for concern, but life continues on for the moment is how this wonderful story begins. At the onset of the Civil War, Hannah, an educated, proper young lady living with her family in the south finds that a friendship with the slave, Noah, has placed both of them at risk, a risk she is willing to take.

She meets James, a doctor from the north in the park, and the attraction is immediate. The escalation of the war separates them until a chance reunion that Mallery has timed perfectly. I’ll admit to nail-biting, edge of the chair excitement. The ending is amazing. 🙂

Genteel Secrets is a beautiful story which transports the reader in time. I imagined living with war raging around me, the sudden adaptation to change they’d have to make, families forced to leave their homes, their lives at stake running for safety. True to life historical fiction at its best, it’s so much more than romance. I could see this novel being made into a movie.

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