Daily Review: Foundations, Funny Business & Murder by Christa Nardi

I like her caring nature, her dogged determination to solve the puzzle, and her ability to connect with people in crisis.

The best of intentions shouldn’t include murder.

An HR specialist and trauma counselor, Stacie is on the board of a fledgling non-profit foundation set up to benefit victims of domestic violence.

After a slashed tire, attempted break-in, and a murder, Stacie isn’t buying coincidental bad karma. Someone wants her off the board – at any cost.

Her fancy surveillance equipment, impressive alarm system, and a ferocious Maltese dog offer only so much protection.

Enter Kevin McNair, a smooth talker with piercing blue eyes.

Can she trust him with her heart or her life?

Christa Nardi

Amazon Review

By Judy Tucker

Christa does it again.

Another great story in Stacie’s life. She is only trying to do right by her ex.

Now there are more problems.

Then good looking men are attracted to her.

This is an awesome series. You’ll enjoy all the twists that keep you turning the pages.

Amazon Review

By D. Zendel

Stacie Maroni is trying to get back on her feet after the tragic murder of her soon-to-be-ex-husband. His will left a sizeable donation for the establishment of a foundation to prevent and address domestic violence and appointed Stacie as one of the board of directors.

Strange things start happening to her and other board members, and soon people start dropping dead. Because she’s inquisitive by nature and wants to help people, she starts digging around to protect the foundation and find out who is killing board members.

I very much enjoy this series. I always advocate for reading in order (I’m kind of compulsive), but the author does a skillful job of weaving events from the first book into this story, so readers won’t feel lost or left out if they start with this one. The Virginia setting is well-described, the dialogue tight, and the characters (even the minor ones) fleshed out. Stacie feels very real to me.

I am enjoying watching Stacie figure out who she is after losing herself in a marriage to a powerful, politically-connected family. I like her caring nature, her dogged determination to solve the puzzle, and her ability to connect with people in crisis.

In book one, she was dating a police officer, but he was much more interested in being serious than she was, and in this book, they are trying to navigate the “friendship zone.” There’s some nice romantic tension with a board member who seems almost too good to be true, but who in the end is there when she needs him.

I finished this book in a couple of days – the plot was good, and the ending a surprise. This is a “clean” mystery in that the violence occurs off-screen, there’s no profanity, and while couples are getting busy, there isn’t an excessive amount of detail.

Normally run the other way from “clean” mysteries because the plots bore me and I find the characters wooden. This series, however, is just good entertainment with likable characters, interesting plots, and good writing.

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