Daily Review: Forewarned by Debra Ullrick

This is a great story about dangers in life and how the answers to prayers can be followed or ignored.

A Contemporary Christian Suspense Romance Novel

He loves her… but can he save her from her own mistakes?

After a near-fatal accident in the Colorado wilderness, the pain Jasmine Moore lives with has made her a recluse. To fill the void the harsh Steamboat Springs winter brings, she goes online seeking companionship. Her loneliness overrides all caution, bringing with it a deadly peril.

Jackson Warren has loved Jasmine for years. When he discovers she’s talking to strangers on the Internet, his internal alarms blare. Especially after strange and suspicious incidents occur close to home. Can he convince her to heed his concerns before it’s too late?

Debra Ullrick

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By June

This is a great story about dangers in life and how the answers to prayers can be followed or ignored, based on what the person praying really wants. Jasmine finds an interesting man online who makes her feel special because he seems to care about her and the things going on in her life.

Since she got herself lost and injured, she’s felt overwhelmed by her family and her best friend Jack. Now she feels the need to get away from all of them so her life can start going in the direction she wants it to go.

When her family and Jack find out about her internet friend, they are even more persistent in their need to protect her and Jasmine makes some choices based on her beliefs that turn out not being very good choices.

But God finally breaks through her barriers and she starts seeing things for what they really are.

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By Jennie Pendergast

Enjoyed another great book by this author. It was exciting from start to finish. Jasmine felt like she was being smothered by her sisters and her friend Jack but they were just looking out for her. So she started chatting online and that got her into trouble.

Both of them started stalking her one online and one even found her. Her love toward Jack started to grow too. His love for her had started a long time before that. But Jazzy still had some trust issues to get through she also hated the cold of Colorado and wanted to move to Louisana.

But she didn’t want to go without Jack but he was willing to move. So she more or less ran away from him and he had to come and find her and save her from the evil man she met online. Who he had warned her about. But his love for her never stopped and she finally came to that revelation as well.

It ended how it should. Hope to get stories for Chloe and Shanell as well.

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By Sandy Nadeau

Forewarned is one of the most suspenseful books I’ve read in a long time. I read at night, and I was on the edge of the bed most of the time (instead of the edge of my seat). Ullrick has done a magnificent job of building the suspense of the situation that Jasmine put herself in. Gripping. And who wouldn’t want a friend like Jack Warren in their life? Ullrick did an excellent job of writing about characters that you feel drawn to, that you care about, that you want to see succeed with their dreams.

I was struck by how so many times in our lives, we are warned about something we’re doing or plan to do, but we don’t listen. Pure boredom can sometimes make us do dumb things. Jasmine learns a very difficult lesson on being careful of the dreams you share with who and when.

I want to “Forewarn” you that this book will keep you up reading, hoping that what you fear won’t happen to Jazzy. Your heart rate will increase at times and when you finish the book, you won’t forget the characters. I miss them already. You’ve been FOREWARNED.

Great job by Debra Ullrick! Again.

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