Daily Review: Forever Maude by Denise Liebig

About love and family, and while it centers on adventure and suspense, Forever Maude has a lot of heart.

Heartbroken, carrying a bag of antique coins and the heavy burden of her aunt’s untimely death, Emily leaves the world of time travel and her beloved husband, Dell, behind.

It doesn’t take long for her youth, beauty, and valuable coins to assist her in finding a new life in the Italian nightclub scene of the 1980s.

Regardless of which time she is occupying, however, Emily cannot escape her past or forgive herself for the lives she ruined. So when that past finds her, Emily must choose between her new life and an uncertain future with the loved ones she abandoned.

And that’s the easy part. After reunions and parallel lives once again pull at Emily’s heartstrings, a new romance and all its problems might be her only hope for a normal life — the one she had before becoming a time traveler.

But can she ever go home?

Or is her lone outlet found within the pages of a new journal —a safe haven of sorts— inspired by a woman who never changes, a woman who remains forever Maude?

Forever Maude is the FINALE of The Dear Maude Trilogy. The first two, Dear Maude and For the Love of Maude, follow the journey of a college graduate, Emily Stanton, whose first job is anything but conventional.

Thrust into the mysterious world of time travel, Emily learns to survive by baring her soul and secrets within the pages of a journal she addresses to her great-great-aunt, Maude, and by losing her heart in a romance that knows no boundaries, including time.

Denise Liebig

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By Carol Pack

Forever Maude, the third book of the Dear Maude trilogy, is just as entertaining as the first two books. The series is about a young woman—recruited as a time traveler, who escapes into different eras to avoid the clutches of nefarious co-workers, while trying to spend time with the man she loves—or at least a reasonable facsimile of him—and her beloved aunt.

I have enjoyed this series from the start because it is imaginative, well-written, and difficult to put down. This book does not disappoint.

Forever Maude is about love and family, and while it centers on adventure and suspense, it has a lot of heart.

Amazon Review

By Bob Van Laerhoven

While reading, and enjoying Forever Maude, it struck me that this was the third time I had bought Denise Liebig’s surprising mixture of mystery, time-travel, and, well, a heartfelt love story. A Love Story?? I am getting old, was my first reaction.

Okay, that may account a little bit for the reading pleasure I received from this trilogy, but still, most of it is due to Liebig’s competent characterization, dazzling plot, and fluid writing style. Protagonist Emily Stanton remains a sympathetic protagonist, although she shows a lot of different, and surprising, sides of her.

It’s one of Mrs. Liebig’s great strengths that, beside Emily, she deftly also gives life and depth to multiple characters. Those characters have to cope in a confusing, whirlwind world: Emily not only travels to the past but this time also into the future.

By the way, as a European, I can testify that Denise Liebig portrays the Italian Riviera in the eighties with a lot of flair, the same flair with which she has researched other time-settings and places. A plot with more hair-bends than the Italian Riviera possesses; a cast of struggling characters, and – very important – an elegant style.

What does one want more? Well, that Emily may be absorbed by unraveling her destiny for more novels to come. Yes Yes: I’m definitely getting old….

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