Daily Review: Forbidden by D. G. Torrens

The ties that bind us are the ones that can break us.

Jessica Hamilton is 25-years-old and born into a strict, white, Christian family. One that does not believe in interracial relationships under any circumstances. She meets Ajay Sharma at work, an associate director for Lansdale and Down Communications.

There is only one problem – he is a Hindu. Jessica and Ajay fall irrevocably and irreparably in love with one another. A perfect love they have to conceal from all those around them for fear of reprisal from their unforgiving families, families that are imprisoned by their own cultural constraints.

They are both faced with unimaginable and unforeseeable obstacles that lead Jessica to a near-fatal accident, one that changes their lives forever.

Jessica has no memory of the events that led to her tragic accident or why she was alone at ridge point on that fateful night. Will Ajay find justice for Jessica?

Will Jessica’s memory return and reveal the truth?

D. G. Torrens

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By Artiuvin-gramma

D.G. Torrens just blows me away! I have a hard time putting her books down. The writing is incredible, moving, real life, and for me on a personal level, hit very close to home. I want to read more of her work. I think I have read all her books so far.

I wish she would come to the USA, I would love to meet her and be able to just talk to her.

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By Cyrus Webb

Some fiction has a way of not just entertaining you but making you think as well.

In FORBIDDEN we are introduced to Jessica Hamilton and Ajay Sharma, two people who fall victim to a natural attraction that is complicated for some by the color of their skin and their faith.

Author D.G. Torrens allows their story together to unfold showing that for some regardless of what an individual might achieve they can be discriminated against due to a bias. Will Jessica and Ajay risk it all to be together, and at what cost?

That is just part of the story that has it all: love, family conflict and the challenges that come with living in a judgmental world. Definitely worth the read.

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By tom elder

This book grabbed me from page one and kept my emotions running to the very last page.

I had forgotten how crazy it is to be in a mixed race relationship, it must be so difficult to try and keep everybody happy. Ajay and Jessie being in a relationship face all sorts of problems.

Follow their journey against all the bigotry in the UK and India. This book will tug at your emotions all the way to the end, God only knows how Dawn managed to write this book.

I have read all this authors books and without doubt, this book is one of the best. This book is an easy 5-star rating. I can’t wait for book 2 in this series.

This was an awesome read that everyone should get.

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