Daily Review: Flawed Gods by Angela B. Mortimer

Is it science fiction, romance or some wild combination of a tale woven by a masterful writer. 

In a future planetary world, a former Varan lover who was misjudged and sent away as a criminal abducts the beautiful Doella from the man she agreed to marry. Thus begins the odyssey of two fleeing, passionate lovers who are pursued by her jilted bond-mate and eventually by Varan authorities.

No Varan ever changed his or her bond mate. Marriage was for life. Doella’s hair was like a pale gold waterfall, and her eyes were the color of deep green emeralds. She was powerful, intuitive, and her golden body easily surrendered to her recurring need for passion.

The odyssey to flee Varan pursuit leads to encounters with menacing societies, dangerous dragons, lecherous kings, and cunning wizards… until the Varan authorities and the jilted bond-mate capture Doella and her troupe. However, Doella’s infidelity and lack of honor are now insignificant with the discovery of a threat to annihilate the Varan civilization.

The last best Varan hope is to send Doella back into her most horrifying encounter. The clock is ticking … in a fascinating, suspenseful and sexy read.

Angela B. Mortimer

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By Angelica Kate

Wow – not sure where to start in reviewing this wonderful piece of fiction. Is it science fiction, romance or some wild combination of a tale woven by a masterful writer.

I loved this book as it is such a departure from anything I’ve read previously, with a story that is never staid and moves along at a pace that keeps the reader engaged and seeking more.

Well done, and highly recommended for someone seeking a unique and inspired piece of fiction.

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By Roy Murry, Author

In many religions, Gods exist that the followers believe will protect them from all kinds of atrocities. FLAWED GODS, a science fiction space opera, gives the reader different levels of deities with superhuman powers, each looking for answers to why they exist.

The main character Doella has powers that many of our well-known superheroes would love to have. However, the ability she uses most is her sexuality on earth and other worlds that she travels, manipulating situations to her advantage.

Her strengths lead her and her compatriots, some of which are her lovers, into a position of deflecting a universal conflict between odd-shaped creatures, including dragons that can shape change into humanoids. The war, with Doella’s help, can be alleviated, is directed by another God like group inspiring Doella into that position.

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By Richard Cezar

The author takes us on a wildly entertaining journey with the sexy God, Doella. But there are many more Gods along the way, each with its own set of highly imaginative powers. Ms. Mortimer makes one feel they are all real, sprinkled with humor, at times.

However, with reality comes faults, and these Gods certainly have their share. The author weaves a message into the driving storyline and well-crafted twists. This is a wonderful piece of work and a must-read.

I’ll be looking for the next book in the series.

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