Daily Review: The First Lie by Virginia King

If you enjoy supernatural, paranormal, psychological, suspenseful novels then you will love The First Lie.

Selkie Moon thinks she’s left her past behind. She’s wrong.

Escaping her destructive marriage, Selkie‘s sure she’s safe at last. But her shiny new life in Hawaii turns into a nightmare made real.

It begins with a warning in a dream and a stranger’s face in her bathroom mirror. Suddenly Selkie’s on an odyssey to discover who’s trying to kill her.

As her visions hint at long-buried secrets, a danger lurks closer than she could have imagined. Will she uncover the terrifying truth before time runs out?

The First Lie is a thrilling and emotionally devastating journey through the messy magic that can redeem us if we’re brave.

Cancel a couple of night’s sleep and join Selkie Moon on the roller-coaster ride of her life.

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By John J. Staughton

It was obvious that King has done her fair share of reading popular fiction, but while it certainly honed her skills, it didn’t impact her style to the point where I felt like I was reading any of a dozen other authors that have utilized similarly strong, independent women in a “revisiting the past” role. Selkie was an enchantingly honest character, and although I was anticipating a few of the “revelations” about her life as she explored her past (both good and bad),

I didn’t feel led around by the nose if that makes sense. The narrative flowed at an even pace, allowing the reader to make discoveries right along with the characters. I found King’s ability to paint a scene particularly impressive, and the settings of the events in the novel were basically a character in their own right.

The premise is a bit strange, and initially, I found it a bit weak and weird as the impetus for the start of this whole journey/story, but once I accepted the premise as strong enough to motivate Selkie, I abandoned by uncertainty and just went with it. I’m glad I did, as the story presented a rather compelling look into the forces that drive people to do what they do, which should hold an attraction for any number of readers.

It wasn’t simply a narrative; a healthy dose of reflection and self-aware musing makes this more than your average novel. King clearly has her finger on the pulse of human nature, particularly the power of pain, aspirations, and memories to force our hand and move us forward in life.

Amazon Review

By Scott

The First Lie by Virginia King is her first novel for adults and a great introduction to her as an author. This novel has all of the elements required to pull you in and keep you interested.

In The First Lie, Selkie Moon left an emotionally abusive husband in Sydney to start a new life in Hawaii. After being there for a few months her new company is floundering but she has made a few key friends. While she is still adjusting to her new life things start to go awry. Selkie begins seeing a woman in random places who says that someone is trying to kill her.

The further she digs in her quest to find out what is happening the more supernatural events happen to her. I loved the way that The First Lie kept me thinking from the beginning until the end. I particularly loved the ending.

If you enjoy supernatural, paranormal, psychological, suspenseful novels then you will love The First Lie.

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