Daily Review: The First Ladies Club by J. B. Hawker

Just the right amount of foreshadowing, hints, and tension to make this a mystery that keeps you reading until all is solved.

The pastor’s wife is missing! Is the escaped felon to blame?

Whether living in a rectory, manse or parsonage, life married to a small town minister calls for faith, hope, and charity; plus heaping helpings of tact and the skin of a rhinoceros.

New to this life in the small coastal town of Bannoch, Oregon, Naidenne Davidson turns for support to her fellow ministers’ wives of The First Ladies Club.

The women share sympathy, friendship and tips on dealing with difficult church members, but when tall, shapely Naidenne catches the eye of an escaped killer, the Club goes beyond mere friendship.

Step into the quaint parlor of the drafty Bannoch Community Fellowship parsonage, nibble a Snickerdoodle, sip your tea from a chipped china cup and share the adventure. Although some scenes may be too intense for the traditional cozy, rest assured, Gentle Reader, evil gets its just desserts and good will prevail.

Part-time realtor and full-time pastor’s wife, Naidenne Davidson, is too busy coping with life in a small town church parsonage to think about her beauty, let alone imagine what sort of jealousy, envy or desire she is inspiring in the hearts of those around her.

Distracted by efforts to fulfill her new duties as unpaid pastoral assistant, Naidenne is caught off guard and no match for the sociopathic killer who abducts her, bent on living out his basest desires.

After two suspicious deaths and three disappearances in the small seaside community, law enforcement officials concentrate their suspicions on Naidenne’s husband, Scott.

Have the pressures of the pastorate driven Scott to do something terrible? Or are the authorities wasting precious time, with Naidenne’s life hanging in the balance?

When even members of Scott’s congregation begin to wonder about his guilt, can Naidenne’s friends in the First Ladies Club, help? Can these women of diverse denominations, ethnicity, cultures, and ages put aside their differences and work in harmony to find her?

Old friend, Bunny Elder Banks, arrives from Texas to join the search, but is it already too late?

J. B. Hawker

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More twists and turns than a set of braids. This group of wives, all married to ministers from different faiths, come together and bond over their commonalities.

When one of the group is kidnapped by a convicted murderer the rest set out to find her when local law enforcement would rather accuse her pastor husband in her disappearance.

Things go from odd to seriously wild and crazy quickly.

Amazon Review

By Amazon Customer

This was certainly not your predictable cozy. Oregon is the background locale and the first ladies in actuality are a group of Pastors’ wives.

The story is suspenseful and engrossing. Darker than I had expected. Then again, it has to because of the perp background.

Don’t want to give away too much. But be prepared for some First ladies not afraid to flex their muscles.

For the loyal fans, fear not, Bunny Elder is in the mix.

Amazon Review

By Avid Reader

I just finished reading The First Ladies Club and it was delightful!

This clever mystery centered on a group of pastors” wives in a small town in Oregon. Whatever petty conflicts may have existed between them were overcome by their genuine love and concern for each other, teaching the reader a thing or two about Christian charity.

The central couple, a young pastor and his new wife, are blessed with second chances at love, marriage, and parenthood (spoiler), only to be faced with the possibility of losing it all when a vicious convict escapes and wreaks havoc on their peaceful community.

The story is well-constructed with just the right amount of foreshadowing, hints, and tension, making this a mystery that will keep you reading until all is solved.

This book was easy to read and fast-moving, a mystery lover’s dream. And just think! It’s part of a series. There are three others to move on to! Hat’s off (even on Sunday), to J. B. Hawker!

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