Daily Review: Fields’ Guide to Fog by Julie Mulhern

Author Julie Mulhern spins a marvelous tale of threats, counter-threats, and mystery.

It isn’t easy having Hollywood’s biggest, brightest star for a mother—especially when her Russian oligarch boyfriend has been kidnapped. When Poppy Fields flies to London to be with her mother, she finds nothing but fog, danger, and phenomenal shopping.

Too bad half the city wants Poppy dead, and she has no idea why.

The odds against her are high, the menace is real, and if she doesn’t find answers quickly, a dirty bomb will send global financial markets plummeting.

Poppy will need charm, smarts, and a killer Chihuahua if she wants to save the world (and snag those boots she spotted at Harrods).

Julie Mulher

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By Bookseeker

Both feminine and feminist Poppy Fields is lethal and driven as a female Bond. Disguised by her vapid rich girl image, her famous mother, and her beauty, Poppy once again is risking her life to save others from disaster.

When her movie star mother’s wealthy paramour is kidnapped, Poppy is summoned to London. Perceiving something nastier than a mere kidnapping for money, Poppy begins to vamp her way through London to uncover what is really going on.

While I didn’t adore the first book in the series, I now adore these books. Highly unrealistic because Poppy has turned out to be unbelievably capable, these stories are so much fun. Instead of waiting for Bond, Poppy is Bond but with many improvements.

Because while being desirable Poppy is also moral and highly intelligent. And she often manages to rescue herself as well as others. Apparently, she can do everything well except for driving in London.

Poppy, I adore you. Keep saving the world and the self-esteem of women everywhere.

Amazon Review

By S. Conner

The latest Poppy Fields book is a winner! While finding a new metropolitan area to unleash Poppy Fields, author Julie Mulhern spins a marvelous tale of threats, counter-threats, and mystery.

The pace of the book is wonderful-fast enough to keep you on your toes, and clearly detailed so as to not require return trips to figure out what you just read. This book also unleashes a surprise that will amaze Poppy readers and likely drive the next few novels.

The plot-of kidnapping, Russian Oligarchs, dirty bombs, heightened security state-all are in line with the lives we lead, and Ms. Mulhern does a marvelous job of making it all work. The misdirection needed in a book like this is well done and completely believable-no last-second insertions of bad guys or motives. New characters are inserted seamlessly, many of whom I am sure we shall see again.

Two specific items to note…first, the author writes excellent and believable dialogue which carries the book along quite nicely.

Second, Ms. Mulhern does a wonderful job of capturing “Foggy Old Londontown” without descending into stereotypes. There are no retired English colonels going on about “The regiment”, no Lords or Ladies caterwauling about the decline of society, no cockney voiced connections who just happen to know everyone and everything about the town.

Instead its a trip into London 2019 with nods and walks through the historical sections while steadily avoiding references to history or “this is where Old John Thumper…” comments. Instead, we get high-end London of expensive shops and Iceberg Mansions…which is a nice change of pace from the typical “Descendants of Arthur Conan Doyle Writing about London” approach.

Poppy Fields is and is written indomitably, and the ongoing use of Consuela as soothsayer, lie detector, and general protector of Poppy Fields makes the whole book that much more enjoyable. If Ms. Mulhern ever decides to stray into children’s mysteries, I’ll be first in line to purchase the “Consuela series”!

A wonderful book, highly entertaining and well worth reading.

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