Daily Review: Fatal Forgeries by Ritter Ames

This book has mystery, suspense, part thriller, some humor and romance to be appreciated by readers of many genres.

When art recovery expert Laurel Beacham’s personal and professional worlds collide, she learns no good theft goes unpunished. Incomplete intel and a missing source compel her to make a huge mistake, and she’s left with a divided team.

Every retrieved masterpiece has a price—and the cost of forgeries can be deadly. This time Laurel could lose not only her best lead, but also her most trusted ally.

The stakes have never been higher, forcing her and her partner, Jack, to go on the run, crisscrossing Europe to evade the criminals. Except instead of two masterminds working against them, they realize there might be three. With no time to lose, Laurel and her team must pool their resources and work to set aside their differences before they become the next fatalities.

Ritter Ames

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By Jeanie Jackson

The Bodies of Art Mystery series hooked me from the very first book but Fatal Forgeries tops all the others! Moving from fast-paced to supersonic, the action only slows down for those wonderful “getting to know you” moments between Laurel and Jack. I loved the fast-paced adventure, the complex mystery, the armchair travel, and the intelligent plot as well as those amazing characters.

There are so many bits and pieces to pick up that I read the book twice back to back. I caught everything the first time but I didn’t relate some of the clues to the action until Laurel figured put them together. Between characters that I adore and clues that I barely noticed, I found that I enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

I adore Laurel’s team and so much enjoy getting to spend time with them and seeing them interact with each other and with Jack and Laurel. And then, there is that amazing feeling that I am spending time in Europe discovering amazing art and architecture, a whirlwind trip to be sure but still fantastic. Ms. Ames has extended my bucket list with each book.

I believe that it would be possible to enjoy the book greatly without having read the earlier stories because Ritter Ames weaves in previous encounters enough to keep the series novice in the flow; however, I think most readers would enjoy it even more after having read at least the preceding book, Abstract Alias. Each story has self-contained elements but they all work towards one major goal.

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By Joanne K

Fatal Forgeries is the fourth book in Ritter Ames’ Bodies of Art Mystery series and delivers a fast-paced, action-packed adventure. Ms. Ames brings the reader on a vicarious vacation to London, Yorkshire, and Barcelona as Laurel Beachman chases art thefts and continues to search for the truth about her mother’s death. As I read this series I have memories of the Remington Steele television series filled with international intrigue and an atypical art history education.

This book is well written and can be read as a stand-alone. Yet, I believe readers would find the book more enjoyable if they read the earlier books in the series. Ms. Ames skillfully intertwines enough information specific to the characters and plots portrayed in the earlier books so those new to the Bodies of Art series will not feel lost.

Laurel Beacham is an Art recovery expert who is tasked with retrieving stolen or missing masterpieces for the Beacham Foundation. Incorporate a spy and then whom can Laurel trust? What happened to Nick after the team recovered one stolen painting? Time to include her partner Jack and the suspenseful adventure takes off at a fast-paced clip.

Will Laurel and Jack discover who is behind the forgeries and thefts? This book provides more details of the personal history of the four main characters, Laurel, Cassie, Nico and Jack that leaves the reader wanting the next book soon!! Filled with twists and turns, gunfights, kidnapping attempts, spies and physical combat; this book has mystery, suspense, part thriller, some humor and romance to be appreciated by readers of many genres.

I highly recommend the book and series for all mystery readers. You will not be disappointed.


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