Daily Review: Everything Happens for a Reason by Tina-Marie Miller

Family drama, tragedy, personal and professional turmoil weave through a tangled spectrum of life events.

Welcome to the Hamptons where village life is far from ordinary!

Poppy Jackson is ready to put the past behind her and move on as she embarks on an exciting new career with a major investment stockbroker. As the Annual Conference approaches – a big deal in the stock broking world – Poppy is keen to impress but her focus wavers at the appearance of the cheeky Oliver Sullivan!

They say that opposites attract but can their love overcome conflicting backgrounds?

Ianthe Hambly-Jones is growing increasingly frustrated at her son’s refusal to step up. Itching to put her own plans into progress, will she risk losing everything as long-held secrets are set to be revealed?

The skeletons are falling out of the closet in this heartwarming tale of love, loss and new beginnings.

Tina-Marie Miller

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By M LeMont

I bought this book on a recommendation from a friend, and I am glad that I did. Tina Marie has a fresh and invigorating writing style that will captivate you from the opening scene.

If you ever wondered why things happen and if there’s really such a thing as coincidences then this book will show you that everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be will be no matter what you do.

It is a bloody good mystery, romance and drama filled book–a delightful and smooth read with well-crafted characters like Poppy who will sweep you off your feet. The author creates an addictive storyline that will keep you turning the pages.

A roller coaster of emotions will fill your heart. So grab yourself a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee or whatever your fancy and relax with this tale and twists of fate.

I gave the book 5 big stars. I also bought the author’s second book The Curious Miss Fortune (The Hamptons Book 2)

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By Author David W. Thompson

A reader might assume that with a title like Everything Happens for a Reason that pitfalls and tribulations await the main characters- and correctly so.

Although the author initially lulled me into believing this was just another “rich guy gets the gal” tale, an early twist or two soon puts that thought to rest. Poppy Jackson, the main character, is a young single woman- intelligent and successful.

The author does a deep dive into this character’s personality using unique glimpses into her multiple relationships, both personal and professional. The result is a three dimensional character that I soon found myself cheering for.

When we meet Poppy, she appears more focused on the pursuit of her career than on her love life, yet love finds her. But all is not as it seems and things DO indeed happen for a reason. Potential for spoilers here, so suffice to say that a roller coaster ride of hardship, joy and grief awaits Poppy on her journey.

There’s family warmth and support as well as betrayal. Misunderstandings conspire to thwart her happiness, and bizarre coincidences ensue to keep the reader on their toes.

If you enjoy warm romances seasoned with the brutal realities of life, I trust this novel by Tina-Marie Miller will be right up your alley.

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By Veronica

The first book in Author Tina-Marie Miller’s Hampton series is a delight to read as we peak into the lives of the residents and visitors of this British countryside haven. We see the story through the eyes of main character Poppy Jackson, a young woman who is dealing with the heart break and loss of her mother.

She’s bright, successful and on her way up as the personal assistant of CEO Greg Sable, head of the investment stockbroker firm of Hawkins, Monroe and Sable. A professional success, Poppy is starting to look for the man of her dreams–but with a demanding work environment, will she ever have the time to find him?

Enter Oliver Sullivan, an up and comer at a competing firm with ties to her boss, Greg. A chance encounter at first seems promising. Time and business intervene however, leading Poppy to think their evening together was just not meant to be.

Fate deals a gentler hand with their second liaison, as Oliver and Poppy meet again, this time allowing their relationship to grow and flourish. Things seem perfect…but are they?

Family drama, tragedy, personal and professional turmoil emerge as we follow Poppy and her friends and family weave through a tangled spectrum of life events. We laugh, we cry, we hope for the future as we meet new acquaintances and experience the challenges that transform her life.

A heartwarming tale with enchanting characters–a great read indeed! I’ll be back for more in this series, that’s the Hamptons!

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