Daily Review: DNA Stalker by Diane Rapp

You will find supernatural, thriller, mystery, a little romance, and historical elements woven into this page-turner.

Does the Stalker seek revenge, justice, or stolen jewels?

The Stalker has tracked a target for thirty-nine years and won’t be easily stopped by a pair of ship’s detectives. Now DNA profiling might lead to the target, endangering innocents along the way. Natalia and Jason work together on the cruise ship, Sea Mist, and they must stop the Stalker from harming identical twins onboard the ship! Hundreds of suspects are cruising the western Caribbean, including six sets of identical twins participating in the Twins Project.

It all began with the Jonestown Massacre of 1978. The supposed suicide of Jim Jones prompted an intense manhunt by his enforcement team, the Red Brigade, which honed skills needed to capture or kill the elusive prey. Who is the man the Stalker is seeking? Which pair of twins is in danger? Natalia and Jason accompany the twins on shore excursions and discover that preventing a crime is more difficult than solving one. The partners work to unmask the culprit and protect the twins. Will Natalia and Jason be able to stop a well-prepared assassin?

DNA STALKER is an intense thriller combined with romance and mystery set in exotic destinations. The book is clean with limited violence and no “blush-worthy” scenes.

Diane Rapp

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By Reb MacRath

Diane Rapp grabs our attention right off with the Jonestown Massacre that left 900 bodies. Then, with some narrative legerdemain, she brings us on board a cruise ship hosting a reunion of twins separated at birth and rejoined through DNA testing. How this connects with those 900 bodies is any reader’s guess–and readers will keep guessing as the cozier floating mystery becomes layered with menace and dread. Possibly, one or more survivors of the massacre are also on board–with their own agendas.

Previous fans of Diane Rapp know that she writes cruise-bound mysteries like nobody’s business. You’re made to feel that you’re on board and stopping at each port of call with the wealthy and beautiful people. The author’s place descriptions put us there within a paragraph.

This standalone entry in the series is ideal for new readers because Kayla, the usual star, is off-duty: newly married and pregnant. And her charismatic psychic co-star, Natalia, takes over with her lover Jason.

It’s always fun to watch a clever pro inject new life into a series–and sweep us all off our feet.

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By Mint Tea

There are many books that use real-life events as backdrops or plot points, but most of the time, those books do it in a way that is uninteresting or insincere. This book is not like that at all.

It starts out telling us about a couple that was a part of the People’s Temple before the widely publicized tragedy took place. Fast forward to many years later and we meet up again with one of these people and see how their life has turned out.

As the story unfolds and the pieces start to fall into place, it’s hard not to think that some of the story is plausible.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is the fourth installment in this series. However, you will easily be able to catch up, since the characters are written vividly, so you are unlikely to feel like you’re missing out on any parts of the story.

What makes this book really special is that it has a lot of different genre aspects. For example, there are supernatural, thriller, mystery, a little romance, and historical elements to this one, which happen to all merge together to make something quite entertaining.

My favorite thing is the relationship between Natalia and Jason, who seem to be able to connect with each other amazingly good, no matter the context or amount of time they have together.

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