Daily Review: The Devereaux Jewel by Joy Ross Davis

This is a delightful paranormal Christmas story that is both imaginative and intriguing.

Recently married Anna Devereaux has everything she could ever want—a beautiful home and a wonderful husband.

But as Anna begins to settle into her new life, she discovers something sinister and downright terrifying.

And when ghosts begin to speak to her, she questions her own sanity.

Unwilling to give in to her fears, Anna delves into the history of the Devereaux Estate and discovers she alone has the power to set things right.

But who will believe Anna when she is finding it hard to believe herself?

Joy Ross Davis

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By John V.

Henry Devereaux, a wealthy railroad magnate takes a bride, Anna, who is but a young lady and finds herself in her husband’s grand home, alone and scared, especially during his protracted absences.

The characters are wonderfully drawn and contribute to the air of mystery and suspense that arise from voices and shadows that Anna fears, telling her she is not welcome in her own home.

She seeks help from Henry’s Aunt Violet, Jackson, the groundskeeper, and other individuals you may recognize from Joy Ross Davis’s other works. Anna learns to face her fears head-on and cope with misfortunes that test her sanity and happiness.

This is a delightful paranormal Christmas story that is both imaginative and intriguing.

Amazon Review

By JudyAnn Lorenz

Joy Ross Davis writes about sweet Anna, who never planned to be the mistress of the fine Devereaux mansion. When her darling Henry first saw her, he was immediately taken with her fresh, winsome ways. Marriage came quickly for the handsome couple, surprising local society. Henry is involved in business, especially railroads, in the 1880s.

Shortly after the couple is set up in the Devereaux mansion, Henry’s favorite aunt, Violet, comes to visit and help Anna manage the mansion when Henry is away on business. Anna and Violet get along beautifully. Anna asks Violet to stay with them always.

Davis takes a small cast of characters who could be representative of the sections of a kaleidoscope. With these colorful characters, she builds an ever-surprising story moving glowing facets of the kaleidoscope into play.

I don’t want to write a typical ‘book report’ and risk giving all of the facets away. And perhaps denying you, dear reader, the opportunity to give yourself a good, uplifting story to enjoy over and over. Trust me, there is a Devereaux jewel that holds the family together. And trust me that you will enjoy the activities that you will read about which keep that brilliant emerald safe with the family.

This story isn’t as long as it could be if the author added intimate, boring details. She gives readers a dream to enjoy instead of extending the word count with excessive profanity or smut. As other reviewers have mentioned, the synopsis implies some different aspects from the real story. I liked the synopsis and would have been satisfied with that story. But, I’m glad I read the ‘real’ and ‘rest’ of the story because it beats the introduction!

I enjoy her beautiful writing style.  I do believe if you haven’t added this author to your collection, making certain not to miss any of her stories, you’re denying yourself some excellent reading. I don’t plan to do that!

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