Daily Review: Dead Completely by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Missing shoes, stolen paperclips, and stalkers. Oh, what an afterlife.

Bridget finally gets her first assignment as an Independent Authority agent: The not-so-glamorous case of The Paperclip Theft. Regardless, she is determined to close the matter quickly and move on to something more challenging.

And then the dead dead body of the Afterlife Arrivals Commander topples out of the stationery cupboard.

Within hours she’s the front runner to replace him which places her neatly in the killer’s sights. She’s also the front runner in the pool of suspects who murdered him which unsurprisingly places her neatly in Detective Johnson’s sights.

With help from unexpected quarters and discovering some unsettling facts about the Independent Authority, Bridget has some big choices to make about her future… if she can dodge the killer and a prison sentence long enough to make them.

Jordaina Sydney Robinson

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By Illinois Reader

Bridget finally thinks she is headed into her eternity-ever job that will keep her satisfied. However, all too soon she discovers as an IA (Independent Authority) agent she is supposed to blackmail people under the guise of making them informants.

Although she may have tuned out information during training, she is quite sure she never agreed to blackmail individuals.

Her first assignment brings this all to a head when she discovers Sean, her Arrivals supervisor, is the paperclip thief she is supposed to turn in to be blackmailed. Then a little thing like a dead body pops up and Bridget does what she does best!

What? You don’t know how she uses her brains, wiles, and silver tongue? Well, you need to start reading this series ASAP because you are missing out on one of the best and funniest paranormal character and series ever!

Each book takes you further into the after-life (or is it after-death?) of Bridget and friends. Lighthearted mysteries with a whole different set of rules you have never heard of before. Fantastic fun and I am always waiting for the next book.

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By Elena

FIRST I love this series. If you have read the previous 5 books (plus prequel Just A Touch DeadJ and Aurora North crossover Worlds Collide ) then you are a die-hard fanatic, like me & you will not be disappointed.

If you’re new, please start from the 1st book and be prepared for a wonderful adventure. This book has so many things going on it will take a few to catch all the lovely nuances.

There are questions that still need to be answered and some that (maybe it’s just me) were implied. But that just means that the next mystery will solve those pesky little quirks or maybe its all part of a bigger baddy that will be in future mysteries… “OH MY”…

Take some time for yourself and read this series… It will make you laugh and sometimes cry (just a little), but in the end, there is a slightly tarnished rainbow that makes for a very satisfying read.

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By JessicaR

Ever wish you could unmake a decision that seemed to be spectacularly perfect at the time? Still, all the great characters but the housemates kind of step back on this mystery and you don’t see as much of them.

It’s more all about the new job.

Bridget’s first assignment, petty office theft is pretty funny and the consequences of success (keep an eye on shoes that you love and do you really ever KNOW the people you work with?) make it even funnier.

There comes a point in a job well-done, however, when our fashionista wonders if it really is great to disclose the brilliant job she did (Really? Well, yes) and job satisfaction takes a nose-dive.

The afterlife is still not a garden of clouds and people sitting around being tutored in harp-playing but office politics? Well, it was never her plan to get involved but best-laid plans and all…

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