Daily Review: Convicted by Raven H. Price

The hardest battle conceivable, Hope had to face. She clung to her faith but still fought anxiety and fear.

Convicted (Book 1 of the Paradigm Shift Trilogy) begins the story by explaining how after being beaten and emotionally bruised by two ex-husbands, Hope Anderson seeks the comfort she once felt within her family church.

Upon her first visit back, she sits on the last row to secure her anonymity. Desperate to find comfort and acceptance, Hope felt judgmental eyes instead. Regularly plagued by fear and paranoia, Hope seeks counsel and finds it through a female evangelist on television.

The woman’s depiction of love and her explanation of a spiritual journey prompts Hope to ask God for the same. He grants her request. Hope is taught how to pray effectively because of her journey with the Holy Spirit.

With intercession, Hope is also granted supernatural gifts of spiritual sight and hearing. She faces demons bravely through her faith in the Holy Spirit to help others.

When Hope’s journey is over, she does not turn her back on her church or on her colleagues at work. Convicted, she boldly stands and fights for them using her superpowers. It is through this process that Hope learns to love herself and other people and to forgive.

Living happily with her Lord, Hope is faced once again with what caused her immense fear and paranoia. The fight for her life begins, and it is the worst physical and spiritual battle imaginable!

Raven H. Price

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Excerpt – “Condemnation was relentless. I was guilt-ridden and mad at myself. As I sat there, listening to this loving message (sermon), I began to cry. Embarrassed by my tears, I quickly wiped them away and fought to keep the sadness at bay. I knew this was a breaking point as well as a starting point. With everything in me, I had to fight the urge to run. I needed to stay and learn to forgive myself and love myself again the way God loved me.”

With startling clarity, Christian author, Raven Price, powerfully and vividly takes us on her protagonist’s, (Hope’s) emotional and physical journey as she struggles with good vs. evil. It is a passage of redemption from an abusive relationship that still has a stranglehold on Hope, handcuffing her to the past.

Hope soon discovers it will be difficult to shed those shackles, both mentally and physically chaining her to the past. The symbolism in this story is convincing and vivid, like an accident you turn away from but are still attracted to at the same time.

You are compelled to see how this woman will conquer her fears and abusive past (her ex-husband) still stalking her, as she struggles to change her future to one of hope, her namesake. It is a concept she personifies throughout this story with an emotional climax that nearly breaks Hope until she realizes her faith (good) will conquer over her nemesis (evil) in the end.

You can’t help but root for her to win.

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The hardest battle conceivable, Hope had to face. She clung to her faith but still fought anxiety and fear. She learned self-respect for others as well as herself and stood firm in her faith as well as with her church even if they were not standing firm with her.

Through the means of a TV evangelist, Hope learns how to trust in God and communicate with him through prayer. Because of her obedience to HIM, she is granted the gift of intuitions and intercession. Raven H. Price, writes about spiritual warfare and how the adversary, Satan, uses the unexpected to drag one away from living victoriously in Christ.

In her unique way, she mixes truth with fable with the intention of leading her readers into a relationship with Jesus or if already a Christian a deeper relationship with HIM. Throughout the pages of Convicted, there is a message thread of salvation through Jesus alone as well as building a stronger trust and reliance on the Holy Spirit to live triumphantly in this life.

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