Daily Review: Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy

From its exciting opening in snowy Quebec to a wild and surprising climax, Cold Betrayal by AJ McCarthy is a fun, romantic thriller.

Trapped in a wintry setting and followed by two men determined to kill her, Victoria Anderson searches for someone who doesn’t want to be found.

She drove the length of the east coast in a quest to find Danny Wilcox, intending to convince him to return to Florida with her. The drug lord, the most wanted criminal in the Province of Quebec, has other plans.

Tori is nothing if not loyal. She unflaggingly defends Danny and refuses to believe he’d harm her, despite several attempts on her life.

Others befriend her, even as they covertly advance their own agendas.

Tori’s devotion is tested at every turn, not knowing who she can trust, or the consequences of her ultimate decision.

A.J. McCarthy

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By Michael P. Hartnett

From its exciting opening in snowy Quebec to a wild and surprising climax, Cold Betrayal by AJ McCarthy is a fun, romantic thriller. Our conflicted protagonist Tori tries to chase down and rehabilitate her beloved Danny, a drug lord who has run amuck in Canada. McCarthy has skillfully plotted this story as sticky situations and menacing actions are balanced by clever, credible revelations.

Tori’s stubborn support of Danny is psychologically fascinating, and ultimately McCarthy delivers compelling reasons for her outlook. Late in the novel, undercover officer Jeff wonders, “Who could compete with that kind of love?” McCarthy offers an answer to that question and so many others with satisfying plot twists.

The novel has a cinematic quality as compelling, stylish characters like Mario and Chantel are set against the frosty landscape of Quebec City and the woods beyond. The early chapters in and around a rustic cabin where Tori encounters Ben get the reader hooked.

What follows delivers so many unexpected moments that I’d ruin them by providing too many details. Let’s just say ultimately the internal crisis of Tori’s allegiance between Danny and those who have ostensibly aided her (with the help of a clever maneuver by Inspector Bouchard) is deftly resolved.

Cold Betrayal is fun, smart, and thrilling … a terrific read.

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By Beverly Gonzalez

Tori Anderson is on a mission to find Danny Wilcox and she’s learned he’s in Quebec Canada. She’s driven from Florida to Quebec to find him. The last time she saw him they had a terrible argument, a misunderstanding and desperately needs to see him and explain it was all a mistake, that she loves him and only wants to help him.

She wants to convince him to come back to Florida with her to give up his criminal ways even after she’s discovered someone is trying to silence her. She wrecks her car on a deserted road and meets Ben a mysterious man who saves her from two thugs that Tori thinks are acting on their own, that they’ve misunderstood Danny’s intentions.

Tori leaves to go back to the city and meets Jeff who is charming and handsome but in the process of trying to trust someone new in a foreign country she finds out he’s a policeman and he and his team have been trying for 2 years to take him into custody.

Tori is extremely loyal and naive and refuses to believe Danny is behind her many brushes with death and that somehow his men are acting on their own to silence her. She isn’t going to cooperate with the police.

This is a well written fast paced story of love, blind loyalty and lessons learned. I usually have a book ending figured out halfway through but not this book. The extreme loyalty Tori feels for Danny is revealed at the very end and it stuns! It also has a very happy ending and proves love can win out over evil.

I highly recommend this book and it’s author. I read it in 2 sittings. I couldn’t put in down; You stay furious at Tori until the very end.

It’s worth your time. Read it!

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