Daily Review: When the Circus Came to Town by Deborah McClatchey

The scariness is subtle; it just creeps up on you and you can visualize what is going on.

The Bosci Expo is coming to town. Tony Brazil and his best friend Paul, can hardly wait. But what they don’t know is that this circus is bringing with it a cursed little being.

The old ventriloquist, Pomroy Prettygut, once again has to clean up after the dummy’s handiwork. He has had it with the little wooden man’s appetites for human strength but is resigned to the fact he must live with the creature until the curse is satisfied.

A boy turns up missing along with Hank Budd, the town bully. Paul is worried for his sister because she too has not returned home from the circus.

Tony and Paul try to investigate the disappearances which lead them to near disaster. Have they all met with the same fate? What is going on with the peculiar Bosci Expo?

Is there a killer in the circus or is he on the loose?

Deborah McClatchey

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By Grace Wedel

Circus can be fun looking through the eyes of innocent kids. But behind the many different characters in the story of this circus, some were freaks.

Then there was Waldo Cornpepper the dummy. He was terrifying the teenagers in town. This is a real page turner horror story.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for other readers, but if you like horror stories, then this well written, clever story is well worth a read, you will love it.

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By Ted

Well-written circus horror for the coming of age crowd. Great characterizations and terrific flow. I especially loved the originality in the naming to the author’s characters. Tony Brazil. Pomroy Prettygut. Not bad, huh?

I found a great similarity with Steven King’s Carrie. The same delft touch infusing the angst of teens growing up, stretching their buddy boundaries and awakening to the opposite sex as the dawning awareness of horror grips their community.

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By Amazon Customer

This horror book is a good read. One of those books that’s hard to put down. The scariness is subtle; it just creeps up on you and you can visualize what is going on.

McClatchey did well switching from character to character so the reader could get the feel for what was happening to everyone, that gave it an excitement that you don’t find anywhere but in a movie. Really good job.

My only observation is that it seems like the book was set in the fifties – the boys saying “neat” and “gosh,” riding their bikes and visiting the circus (which was more like a carnival), but that really hit home with me and made me like the book even better because I could remember doing the exact same thing when I was young.

Although it’s a horror book, this book was fun.

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