Daily Review: Her Christmas Chance by Rachelle Ayala

Beautiful, heartwarming, sweet Christmas Story about second chances in life and how everyone deserves happiness.

Will her cat ruin her Christmas chance for love?

Bella Tallahan has always hidden behind her twin sister, Tally. She was born with cerebral palsy and even though she has finished college, she lives vicariously through her sister’s adventures.

It worked, until her sister married writer Lucky Lenigan, and Bella developed a crush on Lucky’s brother—a bad boy with a shady past.

Chance Martin made one mistake growing up—one that landed him in prison. After his release, he spends his days restoring antique furniture and his nights alone.

When Mr. Klutz, Bella’s fat tabby cat, wreaks havoc in the furniture workshop, Chance confronts Bella and finds himself with a dilemma. He’s not the right kind of guy for a woman with disabilities, but at the same time, he can’t get her out of his mind.

Will the trail of destruction left by one naughty cat bring Bella her Christmas chance for love? Can Chance rise above his past and convince Bella that she is truly worth loving? Or will the secret he is keeping horrify Bella enough to send her back into hiding?

Rachelle Ayala

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By Mari

I enjoyed that this story picked up after Lucky and Tally’s story in Laguna beach. Bella is Tally’s twin sister she is a successful blogger living thru Tally’s adventures due to her physical challenges. Now that has changed, she is growing into her own.

She is living on her own (well kinda), taking care of her two pets a dog and a tomcat cat name Mr. Klutz with a mind of his own. OMG , this cat is a handful, but you just gotta love him.

Chance has had a rough beginning, life hasn’t been very kind to him. Now, he is a carpenter working with his stepdad repairing and restoring furniture. I love how he sees Bella as beautiful young strong women breaking from her overprotective family and a jealous brother. He is very attentive to her needs. He just knows when to help, when to take a step back and let Bella take the lead.

Rachelle brings these two people together in a beautiful sweet story of how love and forgiveness can conquer all. The ending was quite surprising, it makes for a wonderful Christmas story……

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By Pam D

A lovely book of second chances & an unlikely romance from Rachelle Ayala. Bella is suffering from cerebral palsy & its complications. She has trouble walking & talking but wants to live her life without restrictions.

Her family members smother her in affection & worry since they want her safe. She has a crush on Chance but doesn’t think he’d ever have real feelings for her other than pity. Chance is an ex-con whose brother Lucky married Bella’s twin sister, Tally.

Chance is developing feelings for Bella but is sure she won’t want to be with him if he tells her what he served time for. Can these two find their way to each other? Can their relationship survive?

This is another emotional book by Ms. Ayala. Both main characters have to find a way to realize they are worthy of love & trust in each other. Bella doesn’t think anyone can see past her disabilities. Chance is afraid to open up to love because he doesn’t feel he is lovable.

I really enjoyed this quick read & would recommend it to anyone wanting a feel good romance.

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By Yomari Suarez-Rivera

Beautiful, heartwarming, sweet Christmas Story about second chances in life and how everyone deserves happiness and an HEA. Even though strong themes are developed throughout the story, every romance lover should give themselves the opportunity to read it.

Among the things I really liked from this story is the fact that both main characters felt they were “damaged souls” and didn’t deserved happiness and romantic love. Of course, they had their families, but they never contemplated a romantic relationship. Chance, an ex con, has been pouring every bit of strength and time he had in his stepfather’s shop.

Bella, who has cerebral palsy, has been living her life through her sister until she has to come out. They met at their siblings’ wedding and felt the attraction. When Bella moves to Christmas Creek with her sister and brother-in-law, the attraction is still there, but the ugly cloud of the past is hanging over them ready to burst anytime.

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