Daily Review: The Black Fox by Gordon Bickerstaff

Could you hold a gun to a man’s head and pull the trigger to save your child?

Zoe Tampsin is resourceful, smart and Special Forces-trained, but she has been given an impossible mission.

She has to protect scientist, Gavin Shawlens, from assassination by the CIA, and discover the secret trapped in Gavin’s mind that the CIA wants destroyed.

As the pressure to find Shawlens escalates – the CIA send Zoe’s former mentor to track her down and her fate seems sealed when he surrounds Zoe and Gavin with a ring of steel. With each hour that passes, the ring is tightened, and the window for discovering Gavin’s secret will shut.

Zoe is faced with a decision that goes against all of her survival instincts. If she is wrong – they both die. If she is right – she will discover the secret and become the next target for assassination.

Gordon Bickerstaff

Amazon Review

By Bri

I’m continuing my indulgence of reading novels by self-published authors, looking for the good ones. This is another new genre for me. I don’t usually read espionage and national security or CIA books, but I love this cover. That’s why I bought the book.

The Black Fox opens with thrilling action and mystery just the way I like my novels. The action continues throughout the book. Could you hold a gun to a Conrad’s head and pull the trigger to save your child? I was on the edge of my seat with this one. This is just one scene that kept me reading.

There are many characters to keep up with as well as places between the US and the UK. They are all well-formed.

I must admit that Zoe is my favorite. She’s smart, strong, brave, resourceful, and won’t give up. She’s been betrayed and left on her own without the much-needed weapons, but that doesn’t slow her down. Not even being saddled with Gavin who has memory blocks coming to life in haunting nightmares is blocking her progress to the truth.

It’s all here; hostages, bombs, lies, twists and turns and even the Loch Ness Monster.

Amazon Review

By Amazon Customer

This is a fast-paced thriller from Bickerstaff. The tone of the book is set from the opening paragraph, nonstop action, suspense, and intrigue. Bickerstaff’s main character is a woman, Zoe Tampsin. Zoe has it all:

Training, good looks, and the single-minded mentality to get the job done. The fate of more than one person lies in her hand. She has a difficult decision to make and boy does she make it. Pushing the reader to the edge of his/her seat with the nerve-racking suspense of Gavin and his extraordinary secret.

A secret that might make or break them both, or would it? I can’t say without giving away the plot. Get your copy and go on this tight-rope walk with the characters in this story. Great thriller!

Amazon Review

By Drayvenn

Zoe is one awesome woman! She is really a one-woman force of nature. I love her. I also really enjoyed Gavin, who played very well with her. Gavin and Zoe are such fascinating characters, complex, yet relatable.

While they are the main focus there are loads of well-fleshed-out characters in this story. Since I started with this book, reading out of order, I really appreciated the way the author explained who was who as we met them in the story.

The plot was intricately woven, with several unexpected reveals. I liked the intelligent story that gave me a lot to think about as it went along. I enjoyed the pace, deliberate in places, and intensely thrilling in others.

If you are looking for an intelligent action-packed thriller, I highly recommend this and will be reading more in this series.

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