Daily Review: Cadaver on Candy Cane Lane by Leighann Dobbs

A humorous Christmas cozy mystery novella in a warm and cozy Christmas village setting.

When Ember Quinn visits Christmas Village to assist her elderly great-aunt Phoebe in the holiday chocolate-making tasks, the last thing she expects is for an elf to get murdered at their back door.

She soon discovers that toy-making elf, Alfie Svenson, was up to no good. Not only that, but he had a mysterious accomplice. Too bad Ember suspects that accomplice might be Phoebe.

With the reluctant help of Brimstone the snarky cat, Ember must dodge lying elves, creepy snowmen, unfriendly reindeer, an angry toy factory manager, and a sleigh-transportation boss who might be involved in organized crime in order to find the real killer.

This humorous Christmas cozy mystery novella features Ember Quinn and Brimstone from Leighann Dobbs’s Silver Hollow series in a twisty, old-fashioned whodunit in a warm and cozy Christmas village setting.

Leighann Dobbs

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By Thomas:

A cute, fun, short story from Leighann Dobbs. Featuring Ember Quinn from her Silver hollow series, along with Brimstone, a black cat that is not a familiar to any of the Quinns, but does what he wants and seems to always be exactly where he wants and needs to be to help solve the mystery and get whichever Quinn sibling/cousin out of trouble. As one of them always are.

Ember Quinn travels to Christmas Village to help her aging great-aunt stock up on candies for the upcoming Christmas season.

When an elf is found dead outside of Phoebe Quinns candy store’s back door, Ember has to help in order to help keep her aunts name clear.

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By Cinda Inman

Ember Quinn from the Silver Hollow series has gone to Christmas Village to assist her great-aunt Phoebe with her chocolate shop for the Christmas season. Aunt Phoebe opens the back door to take out the trash and discovers the body of elf Alfie Svenson holding chocolates.

He was killed with a sleigh bell.

When Detective Winters and Detective Noel come to investigate they have lots of questions for Aunt Phoebe.
Alfie was the Union Rep at the toy factory. He was trying to avoid a strike at the toy factory. Greg and Tommy Rinch own the toy factory.

However, Greg is buying Tommy out. Stan, an elf, is the union treasurer and toy factory accountant. It appears Alfie felt something was amiss at the factory and someone was helping him investigate.

Ember wants to solve the murder so she can show her cousins Gray and Issy Quinn in Silver Hollow that she can solve a murder on her own. Ember and Aunt Phoebe question Stan.

Ember put a magic spell on the candy they delivered to Stan so he would take a little nap while they looked around his office. They also question Tinsel Bright, the receptionist at the toy factory and Yule Navidad who runs the reindeer transport company.

There are several suspects to question.

This is a quick-paced book that you won’t want to put down until you discover who killed Alfie.

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