Daily Review: Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen

This science fiction novel was intriguing, disturbing, provocative, a real page-turner.

Why should Pietas end the war with humans?

His people are winning, yet they insist on peace talks. The Ultra people want to grant humans a seat on the Council. Pietas ap Lorectic, Chancellor of the High Council, War Leader and First Conqueror, disagrees. What’s best for mortals is oppression, control, and if necessary, elimination.

Pietas seethes with rage at the idea of human equality. Humans might have created Ultras, but the creation has far surpassed the creator. Humans die. Ultras are reborn, no matter how grievous the injury. They have no equals.

His people permit him no choice. He must attend these insipid peace talks on Enderium Six and what’s worse, be polite. To humans.

When a human special ops warrior is killed in battle, he’s resurrected in a secret process and inducted into the Ghost Corps. He’s given enough strength to perma-kill immortal Ultras. Ghosts are the most hated and feared of warriors.

When the ghost entraps and captures Pietas at the peace talks, the two begin a long journey toward Sempervia, an isolated and forgotten world. Once there, Pietas is marooned and the ghost abandoned alongside him. The two must either fight to perma-death, or join forces to survive.

As Pietas comes to trust the human, an unlikely and awkward friendship begins. Until he discovers how ghosts are resurrected…

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By Alice Orr

Bringer of Chaos: The Origin of Pietas by Kayelle Allen. I loved this story! A sci-fi bromance like nothing else I’ve ever read. Pietas – the Ultra of awesome powers, both mental and physical – is left helpless and doomed by humans and a betrayer from his own kind. Six – a once-human ghost who should be the sworn enemy of any Ultra – saves Pietas from a destiny worse than physical death.

The two are then marooned together on a distant, most likely deserted planet. The Ultra has vowed never to accept help from anyone even close to human. That vow is challenged by his need to survive. The ghost has pledged to destroy all Ultras on sight. Watching Pietas and Six grapple with this deep dilemma was nothing short of beautiful for me,

If these adversaries can navigate the chasm of hatred, distrust and male ego between them, maybe there’s hope for our own fractured world. I called this a bromance, but it is much more. I highly recommend you read and find out why. Like me, you also will be eager for the follow-up, Bringer of Chaos: Harvest of Blood.

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By Kindle Customer

Wow. This book was intriguing, disturbing, provocative, a real page-turner. It is thousands of years in the future. Man has created beings to do everything for them, labor, war, you name it. But they created them as virtual slaves.

Their mistake was, they made them better than humans. Well, guess what, slaves revolt. And their leader, Pietas, is the out for revenge. But whatever you do, do not underestimate the human will to survive. The book is provocative because the author does an amazing job of showing both sides of the war between the humans and the Ultras (the would be slaves). I for one sympathized with both sides. The book is intriguing because the Ultras are fascinating.

I wanted to know everything about Pietas. But don’t get me wrong, this is not a book about a long drawn out war, it is a book about two enemies coming to rely on one another for survival. And in that we learn who they really are

Even at the end of the book, I could not decide if Pietas was the good guy or the bad guy. I just know I want to read more about his people.

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