Daily Review: Body of the Crime by Jennifer Chase

Body of the Crime offers chilling insight into the mind of a demented serial killer.

From the multi award-winning author of the Emily Stone Thriller Series, comes a new kind of forensic hero:

Three grisly murders linked to five old cold cases, dubbed the Flower Girl Murders, pushes detectives to their limit to find a clever and extremely brutal serial killer, leaving a California town demanding justice. The District Attorney’s Serial Special Task Force retains the help of the reclusive Dr. Chip Palmer, a forensic expert and criminal profiler, to steer them in the right direction.

Palmer is known for his astute academic interpretations of serial and predatory crimes, along with his unconventional tactics that goes against general police procedures. He is partnered with the tough and beautiful D.A. Inspector Kate Rawlins, a homicide detective transplanted from Phoenix, and the chemistry ignites between the team–both good and deadly.

The Flower Girl Murders leaves three homicides, five cold cases, two seasoned detectives, three suspects, and one serial killer calling all the shots. The investigation must rely on one eccentric forensic scientist to unravel the clues to solve the case. But at what cost?

Jennifer Chase

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By Avid Reader

I was very excited to read Body of the Crime: A Chip Palmer Forensic Mystery because I really enjoyed reading Silent Partner: A California Police K9 Story by Jennifer Chase. Now that I’ve finished reading Body of the Crime I can tell you that this is one fantastic story. In this book we meet forensic expert Dr. Chip Palmer who is partnered up with D.A. Inspector Kate Rawlins to help solve the Flower Girl Murders.

Young women in California are being preyed upon by a particularly vicious serial killer and it’s up to Chip and Kate to track down the killer. I don’t want to give away details about the storyline because interested readers really need to purchase this book and take the journey with these compelling characters for themselves.

I was so captivated by this suspenseful and action filled book that once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down. Jennifer Chase’s character development in this book is exceptional and through her writing she brought Dr. Chip Palmer and Kate Rawlins to life for me.

I highly recommend this book to fans of crime dramas or psychological thrillers. Body of the Crime is a five star read and I can’t wait to read more books by this very talented author in the future.

Amazon Review

By Andrea Davis

Body of the Crime offers chilling insight into the mind of a demented serial killer. With elements of horror throughout, this novel will keep you right on the edge of your seat until the very end. The author has a commanding style that is both sensitive to the characters, but also to the reader.

The pacing is amazing and I found myself eagerly turning each page to get a step closer to the killer, hoping the detectives would find the next clue or learn a new lead. It is clear the author has done the research there is a clear knowledge of how investigations are carried out.

The author also highlights the political aspects of a case as well as the procedural ones. We’ve got a DA who is pressured by the media and so on, and that pressure and urgency trickles all the way down to the detectives working the case.

The characters are excellent, Chip Palmer is a brilliant with forensics and brings his keen insights and experiences to the table. Kate is a brave, cunning detective who will stop short of nothing to catch the murderer.

The amount of detail the author is able to include made this novel especially authentic and gave it a genuine, honest feel. I loved this crime caper and highly recommend it!

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