Daily Review: Beltway Betrayers by Taylor Marsh

Hold on for a wild ride. The characters were rich, at times intense, possessive, delusional, confused, and deceptive.

The conclusion of the Beltway Series is a gateway to a universe where vengeance, kidnapping, a merciless chase, and intense passion create a story so unique, it will leave you speechless.

The finale of the Beltway Series is a Genuine Psychological Thriller That Will Hook You.

When Alex meets handsome and mysterious T.J. Gale, she’s drawn to him. Unable to resist, she follows her fate. Opening the doors to a passionate LOVE TRIANGLE that tips this edgy romantic thriller into a compelling read even for the most demanding readers.

To what extremes is Alex’s ex-boyfriend, Brian, willing to go to get what he wants?

This time the threat is LETHAL.

Taylor Marsh

Amazon Review

By upstate bill

A tale of love lust betrayal and in the end hope. The author has created a modern woman who takes the world
on her own terms.

This book is like the town fair, there is something there for everyone.

Brings to mind the words of Songs of Solomon “love is strong as death.”

Amazon Review

By Book Addict

This book was a joy to read a suspense with side dish of romance. At the root of the problems T.J. and Alex faced in this lively adventure is their exes.

As you can read in the blurb there is a lot of unhappy people with Alex and T.J relationship. Alex is a successful life coach helping women take control in their lives. So she finds it difficult when T.J. tries to protect and advise her. The couple have only been together six months and it’s the first time they have fallen in love and the adjustment is hard for both of them.

So when Alex goes to Los Angeles and all hell breaks loose, the action and suspense come out to play. Without giving anything away all most of the problems they are resolved by the end of the book, but it takes is lot of action to get there.

I loved Phyllis T.J.’s stepmother and Bella they showed the men what is to be strong women. This is the first book I have read from Taylor Marsh and it won’t be the last.

Praise for Beltway Betrayers:

I loved this book. It is something different to what I normally read… This is a psychological thriller where there is a lot more than you think at the beginning.  It really does get your mind working to what is going on… This book keeps you guessing who is good and who is bad, a good read.” – Alison Bell

“Hold on for the ride you so have been looking for. This one was full of it, all that you could imagine. … The characters were rich, at times intense, possessive, delusional, confused, and deceptive. I guess that should encompass the characters that you are reading in a romantic psychological thriller.” – The Book Junkie Reads…

“Beltway Betrayers is awesome! This is one of the first Psychological Thrillers I’ve ever read and I am thoroughly impressed with it. … MY RATING: 4.5 OF 5 STARS.” – Hadie’s Haven, Book Blogger
“This one reminded me of classic Jackie Collins.” – Reads & Reels Review

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