Daily Review: Alexa’s Gold by Donan Berg

Part of the thrill and mystery is how Alexa will persevere through the gauntlet of tragedies that confront her.

Fall in love with Alexa’s grit. She has it all: pluck, courage, stamina, and the endless farmyard gravel she waits to inherit from her Grandma. Yes, Grandpa’s buried gold coins are hers, if? Multiple BIG IFs. If she sleuths Grandma’s recipe clue. If she outwits those who would steal it. If Grandma’s lawyer fights off her mother’s will challenge.

As a Chicago probation officer, Alexa witnesses crime firsthand. Her goal is simple: she doesn’t wish to be the lightning rod that attracts harm to her two-year-old son Samuel.

America’s Heartland poses her biggest risk. Who does she trust? Is she safe? Will romantic love find her? And blossom?

Alexa’s Gold spins an elaborate web of unsuspected twists and turns sprung with gusto.

Donan Berg

About the Author

Donan Berg intrigues readers with characters who battle everyday concerns to become truly heroic. He writes an addictive antidote prescription to the blues.

His life’s journey has been as a journalist, corporate executive, and lawyer living in America’s heartland with roots in his native Ireland. In 2016 he won the Feathered Quill First Place Gold Award for Romance. Alexa’s Gold adds suspense to his reputation for entertaining mystery, heartwarming romance.

Amazon Review

By Michael P. Hartnett

Alexa’s Gold by Donan Berg sure keeps the reader gripped. Our heroine Alexa is such a damaged character and she confronts enough challenges that part of the thrill and mystery is how she will persevere through the gauntlet of tragedies that confront her. Berg weaves a compelling tale here.

The past haunts this novel on so many levels, whether it be the legend of hidden gold from Al Capone that Alexa’s grandfather procured almost a century ago or the traumatic incident back in Chicago that has defined Alexa’s life.

Despite the fact that she is recently deceased, Alexa’s grandmother in many ways guides this novel – through her last will that bequeaths her farm to her granddaughter to letters and notes she leaves behind to her words of wisdom that reverberate in Alexa’s memory.

Romantic tension is constant as the scarred Alexa must navigate her feelings for the earthy, convenient Joe and the interested, but somewhat compromised lawyer Brad. In fact, Alexa’s tumultuous legal situation with the farmhouse is mirrored by the turbulent blossoming romance with Brad.

Throughout Alexa’s Gold, Berg plays with many clever clues, including a pistol cigarette lighter, a distinctive tire tread, and this remarkable, all-important, award-winning recipe for apple cake. Plus, the depictions of the Iowa countryside with its stifling provincialism and bucolic charms ground the novel in a landscape that the reader enjoys inhabiting.

Alexa’s Gold is richly imagined. Berg has created a thrilling mystery that rewards the reader right up to the climax, which has so many nifty twists that there are really three climaxes in succession. This novel is a great read.

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