Daily Review: Abstract Aliases by Ritter Ames

What started out as looking for missing art now includes suspicious deaths and a kidnapping.

Abstract clues lead to new questions. New leads turn to “dead” ends. A heist plot ties to forgeries. Adversaries resurface twisting an already complicated case. And art recovery expert Laurel Beacham must not only outwit criminals but keep her wits around Jack Hawkes’s cheeky ego.

Before the criminals they were tracking headed underground, evidence pointed toward two organizations as key to an epic art heist. Despite their best efforts, Laurel and her team haven’t caught a break in months—even Jack’s unofficial intel stuttered to a halt.

But on New Year’s, as Big Ben’s bell tolls midnight, the guilty return and nowhere is safe. A source in Rome is killed within hours.

Other allies are attacked in Rome and London, and a contact in Germany reports dangerous shadows closing in.

The nearer the answers, the higher the stakes.

Worse, Jack may not be the only one Laurel must learn to trust to avoid another brush with death.

Ritter Ames

Amazon Review

By C. Fowler:

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” – Margo Channing (All About Eve). Not only is it going to be a bumpy night, but Abstract Aliases turns into one fast and furious roller coaster ride, with Laurel Beacham and Jack Hawkes barely one step ahead of the criminals pursuing them.

Is it because Laurel and Jack have come too close to finding out the mastermind(s) of the Art theft and forgery ring that they first came upon in Counterfeit Conspiracies, the Book 1 in Ritter Ames Bodies of Art mysteries?

Abstract Aliases is a non-stop thrill ride that tests Laurel, Jack, Nico, and Cassie to the extreme. No one seems to be safe, and thank goodness Laurel has her trusty Fendi bag and her other tricks of the trade to help thwart those trying to stop both her and Jack at every turn, and at any cost.

I love this series, and this book is particularly good and very hard to put down, and Ritter Ames is an amazing storyteller. Abstract Aliases is exciting, and nail-biting, and keeps you guessing at every turn. Laurel is a gutsy protagonist whose passion for returning original works of art back to museums or the rightful owners is her driving force and keeps her going despite threats, warnings, and attempts on her life.

Jack’s role has become more and more clear, and he and Laurel make a formidable team. I can’t wait to read Fatal Forgeries, and will definitely fasten my seatbelt!

Amazon Review

By L. Craft

Laurel Beachum and her team are still on the trail of a mega art heist, but the suspects involved have all gone into hiding.  Then during a New Years Eve celebration in London, two of the suspects shows up and manage to find Laurel and Jack in the crowd within minutes of the other, setting off a chain of events that takes them from London to Florence and ending in Cologne.

What started out as looking for missing art, now includes the rash of forgeries making their way into Europe, suspicious deaths and a kidnapping.  Laurel also finds help from the most unexpected source. In the midst of all this, we find out more about Jack and also about Laurel’s family.

This book is non-stop action from the beginning to end with a few surprises along the way, one of which was a shocker to me.  This is a wonderfully written, fast-paced mystery that will grab and hold your attention.

While the first two books in this series are well written, entertaining reads, this one is my personal favorite.  If you haven’t read Ritter Ames Bodies of Art Mysteries, you are missing out.

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