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I promise to have a video again soon…it has been crazy at the office and I haven’t had much time to record any videos lately, but I promise they’re coming!!!

Now, on to the good stuff: a review of author David Cristofano’s titles.

I really enjoy this author’s talent. He can take a book, switch perspectives, and it takes me over halfway through the second book before I really see the deep connection to the same story and timeline of the first book. David accomplishes this well.

In his first title, The Girl She Used To Be, this Organized Crime Thriller is fast paced and catches you off guard with the great twists and turns. The perspective is of Melody and the trials she endures after she witnesses a mob murder by the Bovaro family as a child. She has to go into witness protection to avoid being hunted down. I’m not going to tell you too much, because it’s a MUST READ on your book list, I promise!

Here’s where it really gets interesting, the sequel is called The Exceptions, and takes place roughly with the same time period, but from the perspective of the man tasked with hunting Melody down, Jonathan. It does complete the story by the end of this novel, from what I read, so I think it’s only a two part series. It took me quite awhile to realize that this story was the other side of the coin from book one, as I loved his first book so much, I just bought book two without realizing anything.

I HIGHLY recommend reading Cristofano’s works, he only has the two novels currently.



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