Crashing Augusta: An Inside look at Sports

A look at Amen Corner at The Masters in Augusta
A look at Amen Corner at The Masters in Augusta

You weren’t there.  The galleries were full and if you were interested, you saw them on television.  But you weren’t there in person.  A select few were there  — people with connections and a strong desire to attend, and, oh yes, deep pockets.

A week ago, some of the best golfers in the world teed it up and began play in “The National.”  That’s what the locals call it.  Would you pay $5,000 to watch them play?  How about another time-honored ritual: Would you drink twenty-five gallons of water (or endure some other form of hazing) to get a ticket to a popular sporting event?  Would you inject steroids into your body and devote your youth to training so you could be there as an athlete?  Would you lie, cheat, and steal to attend?  What about the Super Bowl?  Jonathan Littmanknows a guy who can get you into either event – if the price is right.

8fd936235cc3a2dde427da9196c4dda2Littman participated in several events (George Plimpton style) to get first hand knowledge for five stories he wrote for Playboy magazine.  These stories have been published in a book, Crashing Augusta.  The events in the book include a Super Bowl, The Masters Golf Tournament, a hazing incident, a steroid investigation involving Major League Baseball, and track and field – runners in particular.  The events in the book are simply vehicles for the real story Littman has to tell.

Crashing Augusta’s first four short stories are character studies of man at his worst (from an anonymous ticket scalper to Barry Bonds’ nemesis, Jeff Novitzky).  The quintet concludes with an inspiring story of gifted athletes mining the depths of their character and self discipline to run “The Perfect Sprint” (winner of the 2009 New York Press Club’s award for best sports writing).

Littman, a Contributing Editor at Playboy, has placed himself among the ranks of sports writers like Roger Kahn – people who know the secret of the best sports writing.

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