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It’s all about promotion. Here is author Patty Wiseman at a book signing with her historical romantic suspense series.


Caleb and Linda Pirtle has been down and undergoing massive creative and artistic changes since October. It was our own personal long day’s journey into night.

We had a beautiful site.

We had a successful site.

But we changed directions for one reason.

We want to help authors more than ever before.

We want to help authors get their books discovered.

We want to help authors sell books.

Every day, you’ll notice something about Caleb and Linda Pirtle that never changes.

We like books.

We like authors.

We like readers.

And we want to keep them connected.

Each day, we feature a Book of the Moment Club eBook. It spotlights a novel and the author who sat down, had a great idea, turned the idea into a story, and transformed the story into a book.

And throughout the week, we are publishing blogs, articles, author interviews, video blogs, and columns by some of the finest writers and marketers in the country.

They have new ideas about the art of writing.

They have strong opinions about the state of publishing in both the traditional and the indie world.

They tell us why they chose to become writers in the first place.

What inspired them?

Who inspired them?

They tell us the backstories of their characters.

They tell us the backstories of their novels.

They tell us their stories.

And we are inspired by their hopes, by their dreams, by the journeys they have taken.

Caleb and Linda Pirtle is here for writers?

Have a new book?

Tell us about it?

Have a story to tell?

We’d love for you to tell it here.

That’s why Caleb and Linda Pirtle exists.

Writers can keep writing.

Writers don’t have to worry anymore.

Caleb and Linda Pirtle has one message for writers everywhere.

We may not know you.

You probably don’t know us.

But we will promote you.

And we will promote your books.

We do it for one reason.

We want you to find readers.

We want readers to learn more about you and your work.

Caleb and Linda Pirtle cares about who you are, what you do, and the stories you tell.

Writers never have to feel alone again.

Here – when you want to publish, when you hope to publish, when you have already published – you always know you have a friend.

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