Connected by Our Love for the Written Word

We write … to heal, to satisfy, to ease our sorrow. We write … to dance, to sing, to celebrate life.

Writers inspire, arouse, support, and even enrage … but no one can call us boring. For our readers we’ve watched bodies decompose at the Body Farm, witnessed autopsies and the miracle of childbirth. We’ve delved into twisted minds and nearly drowned in swirling questions of Why? or What if? We’ve lifted fingerprints with black powder and horse-hair brushes, studied ballistics and death investigations, and cried with a mother who lost her child in a fatal car wreck or senseless shooting. We’ve rallied for justice, rejoiced for equality, encouraged diversity, and have come too close to death on more than one occasion.

Writers know the grass is never greener once we cross the street, nor are most situations ever black-and-white. The gray areas are where we shine. It’s where we ask, “What if this happened instead?” Or, “How could she be so cold?” Or, “How did the killer feel as the life drained from his victim?” We’re driven to seek the ultimate truth.

Sue Coletta

Our innate curiosity, and yes, our imagination, takes us to places some may fear to dwell, but it’s also why we’re able to escape the confines of this world and create. Writers reign where passion ignites, where heroes become family and villains threaten our very existence. The turmoil we create can turn deadly. Everyone plays with fire, and no one is ever truly safe. In our world, husbands and wives keep secrets, best friends can get you killed or jailed, and our pets age uber-slow — we can’t bear to say goodbye!

We writers immerse ourselves in dark places, dance under the moonlight, and frolic in worlds not yet imagined. We delve into the more menacing side of life, where criminals stalk the street, where serial killers justify their actions, even though in the real world their reasoning never really makes sense.

How do we spend so much time researching monsters and not be affected? We are affected! What our readers find between the folds are bits of our shredded heart, our fears, our sorrow, our pain, our soul poured like sand through a child’s fingers. Writers feel everything … the joy, the heartbreak, the devastation. If we block those feelings and completely detach, we won’t be able to share what we find with you, dear reader. And that, is one of the best reasons we write. We’re storytellers. We’re visionaries. We are catalysts of change and sadly, targets of hate.

We’re storytellers. Some say professional liars, but I’ve never particularly liked that phrase. We aren’t liars. Our characters are in turmoil, their emotions spilled all over the page. Everything they think, see, hear, smell, touch, feel, including secrets best left buried, is on display. How is that a lie? Transparency implies the opposite.

We write … to heal, to satisfy, to ease our sorrow. We write … to dance, to sing, to celebrate life. We write … to entertain, to frighten, to touch lives. The reasons why we write are as varied and complex as the stories we tell. But all of us, every writer who has come before us and those who haven’t yet begun their journey, write to fulfill a need, a yearning, some may even say it’s a calling. We’re helpless to fight it. Our deep-rooted need to write was instilled early in life, often by the hand of other writers, and the overwhelming craving needs to be satisfied. So, we write.

We chase our dreams, celebrate our victories, and pick each other up when we fall. Writers support other writers — we’re forever linked by a shared love of the written word.

About Sue Coletta:

Member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers, Sue Coletta is an award-winning, multi-published author in numerous anthologies and her forensics articles have appeared in InSinC Quarterly.

In addition to her popular crime resource blog, Sue co-hosts the radio show “Partners In Crime” on Writestream Radio Network every third Tuesday of the month from 1 – 3 p.m. EDT/EST (see details at She’s also the communications manager for the Serial Killer Project and Forensic Science, and founder of #ACrimeChat on Twitter.

2017 Award-winner of Feedspot’s Top 50 Crime Blogs (Murder Blog sits at #6), she shares crime tips, police jargon, the mind of serial killers, and anything and everything in between. If you search her archives, you’ll find posts from guests that work in law enforcement, forensics, coroner, undercover operatives, firearm experts…crime, crime, and more crime.

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