Confessions of a Controversial Christian


From the time I was old enough to put pen to paper, I loved to write. The internet opened up a whole new world for me: chat, email, various websites where I could post my questions, thoughts and opinions, and along the way, I met some of the most amazing people, many of whom have inspired me to take my writing to the next level.

It has been through those interactions that I discovered that God had blessed me with a series of challenges throughout my life from which to draw both empathy and experience to help others via the written word, and my decision to become an author was born.

My path to publishing my first book has not been any more conventional than my life experience has been; the book, itself, is likely to stir up a fair share of controversy. However, the process has shown me that while the truth may hurt, ultimately, it also heals.

Few people know your basic nature better than your mother, and mine says that I was always “out with it”, meaning that I never hid what I was feeling and I faced things head on. Had it not been for a serious childhood illness, I probably would have continued to be a leader instead of a follower, but a childhood interrupted can challenge one’s self-esteem.

Today I am very comfortable in my own skin and refuse to allow anyone to buff off any of my square’s corners to make me fit into a round hole.

So for me, it makes perfect sense that I am a Christian who writes both inspirational articles on one web site and snarky commentary on another. For others, it may be difficult to reconcile.  Hence, I am the Controversial Christian.

But that’s okay, because whenever someone reads something I write, anything I write, and it inspires the courage, hope or serenity they need in their lives at that moment, it soothes my soul and  reminds me that I am on the right path in my own life’s journey.

And often times, inspiration is born in the most unlikely and unexpected places.  At least, those are the places I usually find it.  If you choose to come along for the ride, perhaps you will start finding it, too.

Just be sure to put on your seat belt first; the roads we travel will be bumpy at times.

Please click the book cover image to read more about It Happened in a Lutheran Church. It is a mother’s heartfelt memoir outlines a nine-month saga that plays out in a Lutheran church beginning with a shocking confrontation and leading to an emotionally shattering chain of events that forever alters the course of her ten-year-old son’s life.

What begins as a mother’s promise to speak the truth on behalf of her child, evolves into a catharsis, and ultimately, forgiveness, as the author painstakingly chronicles her introspective journey.

After a sudden verbal attack from another parishioner, she tries to reopen the lines of communication with the aid of their Pastor and broker a resolution.

Instead, her Pastor speaks in riddles, dark insinuations are made, and no one will answer her questions. People she thought she knew for years, suddenly didn’t seem to know her at all.

She needed her church family; her husband was battling cancer, and she was dealing with some unanswered symptoms of her own.

Fatigued, frustrated and desperate to prove her son’s innocence, she ultimately victimized both of them with her own pride until the Lord found an unmistakable way to signal her to open her eyes and run!

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