Here Comes Young Adult: Book Cover Award Winners

Exploring the tribulations of troubled teens when their worlds come crashing down.

The East Texas Writers Guild is proud to announce the top three winners in the Blue Ribbon Book Cover Contest for Young Adult novels.

Linda Pirtle, president of ETWG, pointed out that entries were submitted from across the United States from California to New Jersey, as well as from Great Britain, Australia, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. It was indeed an international contest.”

Entries were judged by a team of artists and designers in the Dallas area.

Here are the top three winners for the Young Adult category.

First Place

Conquest of Greystone Valley

Charlie Brooks

Book Design: Jessica von Braun

Sarah is a teenage wizard, and she learned her magic from her mom. But where did her mom learn it?
When her best friend gets kidnapped by sword-wielding monsters, Sarah finds herself confronting a past she’s been made to forget.

She must journey to the magical world-between-worlds known as Greystone Valley, with many deadly dangers of its own.

Joined by friends both new and old, Sarah finds herself facing an enemy that magic alone can’t defeat. Will she be able to save her friend, or is she destined to be forgotten, too?

Second Place

I, Bully

Roy Dimond

Book Design: Motivational Press

I, Bully is a middle grade novel about cyber-bullying. What makes the story unique is that it is told from both the perspective of the bully and his victim, a young girl.

The two main characters, the victim, Hannah and the bully, Eric, learn from each other in ways they could never have imagined.

Hannah is a typical young girl in grade 8. She’s completely focused on friends and feels her family doesn’t understand. Hannah also feels invisible and her perception is that her older sister gets all the attention. It’s a good, middle class family, but struggling.

Eric is also in grade eight, but his family is dysfunctional. Dad drinks and mom is barely keeping it together. Eric is filled with rage and takes it out on everyone.

When Hannah runs away, Eric realizes what has happened and tries to find her. Lost in the woods, a bear, a cougar, and a riotous raven teach them lessons about bullying and about being a victim.

One teacher and his friend, a Native American named, Stands Alone, help interpret the lessons that the forest has taught the two protagonists. In this heroes-journey, Hannah learns why she is always a victim, and Eric discovers why he bullies, and both learn a new way.

Third Place

April, Maybe June

Shalanna Collins

Book Cover Design: Dave Workman at Muse Harbor Publishing

Maybe magic. Maybe trouble. Homeschooled siblings April and June Bliss are inadvertently sucked into their older cousin Arlene’s troubled life when that street-savvy seventeen-year-old disappears and then sends for their help via an inscrutable grimoire and a mesmerizing silver ring.

Although new to the realm of magic, the sisters concoct an assortment of spells (not altogether successfully) as they attempt to find and rescue wannabe sorceress Arlene. Throughout their journey, smart April and brash June explore family values, encroaching maturity (April’s been spying on dishy Justin Fink with a treehouse telescope) and their own stubborn differences.

But when life in an adult world takes a turn toward the supernaturally spooky, the two must quickly pull together in order to survive. What is an appropriate sacrifice for family, and what is too much to give for a worthy cause?

The girls soon find out what truly matters in life.

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