Daily Review: Cold Justice by Rick Polad

Polad brings Chicago culture to life for his readers, including earthy characters in Chicago’s organized crime community.

If it’s a frame, it’s a good one. Justice is a strange animal—sometimes it comes late, sometimes it never comes at all, and sometimes it comes for the wrong crime. Spencer is offered the highest profile case of his career, but is conflicted about helping the person making the offer.

And he can’t help but wonder if, this time, justice has caught up… but for the wrong crime. And maybe that’s okay.

Two murders leave Spencer trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle and remembering a time when Chicago streets were ruled by Al Capone and Bugs Moran, and tommy guns left Chicago streets bathed in blood.

Rick Polad

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By Karen Bedore

Spencer Manning is at it again, working for a crime boss this time, trying to clear his name from murder. Polad does an amazing job at setting each scene, while giving you just the right amount of Chicago history to help put things in perspective, which gives the story a truly authentic feel.

Having grown up and living most of my life in Chicago, I can appreciate even more how well it is written. Spencer is a very likable character (who has internal conflicts like the rest of us and can relate!), and so are those that work with him to help him solve his case.

The subplot that was woven into the main story was enjoyable as well. The technological humor had me laughing out loud, as I have experienced the same scenarios growing up. While the book hints at things that occurred in previous books, one could read this as a stand-alone without taking away from it at all.

I would highly recommend this book—and the entire series—to anyone who likes a good “Who Dunnit” story.

Amazon Review


Spencer Manning returns in Rick Polad’s newest book. The book is a great read for several reasons. Polad does a remarkable job of creating the setting for the reader. Fans of Chicago will find much here to enjoy. It may be a description of a gritty warehouse district, Lake Shore Drive, or deep dish pizza.

Polad brings Chicago culture to life for his readers, including earthy characters in Chicago’s organized crime community and police department. The book hinges on a murder accusation against a crime boss, who may or may not have committed the crime.

The thought of being hired to help clear a crime boss bothers Manning, but the thought of someone getting away with murder bothers him more. We follow Spencer Manning as he finds threads of all sorts and weaves them, finally, into nice, neat picture of who bears responsibility for the crime.

There is even a charming subplot to provide characterization of Manning and his office assistant. There is no need to have read the previous Spencer Manning books. This one stands very well by itself, although it will tempt readers to try out the four earlier books.

A great read.

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