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Explore the visionary, magical, and literary mind of Chris Christman at 7 p.m. EST, Wednesday, December 28, on the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Chris Christman is a 65-year-old adventurer. He has always been curious by nature, and lived his life as such. Being born in Panama on a military base, and raised in New Jersey, his interests in different cultures, types of people and their lifestyles, he explored by engulfing himself in photography and travel.

Reading anything he could get his hands on also played a big part in shaping his unique view of the world. He soon found out that science fiction would prove to be his favorite place to explore by reading the stories of Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton, Roger Zelazny and others.

More recently, urban fantasy taking more of his reading attention, Jim Butcher, Orlando Sanchez, Steve McHugh soon became favorites. They all influenced him to finally write his own stories down and as a result we have the Mixed Magic Saga. Using an unique twist of magic and science to entertain the reader.

He lives in Missouri with his wife who’s a social worker, two dogs, and four cats.

Chris Christman

Mixed Magic

A great evil has been unleashed on the world.

Zardoz, an ancient wizard, senses the malevolent power of a staff from the old Dragon Wars—Desecrator, the Corrupter of Minds.

He cannot face it alone.

Only the power of three can face and destroy this evil.

Mage Daniel Linden has been corrupted.

Desecrator, hungers for blood promising power. Daniel has found a way to unleash unimaginable power and death—melting the core of the Wolf Creek power plant in America’s heartland, would create a nuclear blast that could power the staff.

And kill millions in the process.

Zardoz’s magic is powerful, but the cost is too high for a lone wizard. Sensing the threat of the staff, Talamh, an earth witch joins him to face the evil. In order to balance the corrupting power of Desecrator, Zardoz calls on Fashi, an immortal mage from the Dragon Wars who owes him a blood debt.

A debt Zardoz is going to collect.

Together, these three will mix their magic to confront Desecrator, before Daniel can unleash the beginning of the end.

Wild Magic

Fashi is dying.

After interfering with Talamh’s protection spell, Jasmine has lost control of her wild magic. Now, she must pay the price the Earth demands. With little hope, Fashi and Jasmine fly to Vegas to meet with a mysterious healer to find a cure.

Even though Daniel Linden was stopped in Kansas, an earthquake tremor slipped through Talamh’s casting, potentially causing more damage elsewhere in the country.

With Steve and SARA to fly them north, Zardoz and Talamh are tracing the elusive tremor, only to discover that the tremor has reached Yellowstone National Park. Tin Man, a strange volcanologist informs them that the caldera dome is expanding, Old Faithful has increased in the height and is spouting every thirty minutes.

If Yellowstone erupts, it will change the country forever, potentially killing thousands. Tin Man offers his help, leading them to the heart of the volcano.

Zardoz vows to cast Desecrator, the evil staff into the fires of hell to destroy it, but they need the power of Jasmine’s wild magic to open a channel that could reach the core of the planet, destroying it.

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