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A FEW WEEKS AGO, I wrote on the progress that can take place in one’s lifetime.. For my father, it was going from horse and buggy days to a man walking on the moon. For me, it was moving from a hand cranked adding machine to the incredibly powerful computers we have today.

There are other gigantic advances. But all of the dramatic changes are not necessarily in the right direction. Taxes come to mind. When I first started to work, Social Security was 1%, unless you were self-employed, in which case it was 0%. A self-employed worker today will pay 12,4%. That’s a dramatic change, but perhaps not progress.

James R. Callan
James R. Callan

During the time we lived in Connecticut, my wife and I took a trip to Bermuda. When we got back, we found the house locked. We did not have a key to the house. We had never locked it in the years we had lived there. Our son had locked it. We had to find a window we could open to” break in” to our home.

When I lived in Dallas with my parents, we never locked the house. If we took a vacation, the house remained unlocked. When we returned, everything was just as we’d left it. Why not? The key to the car stayed in the car. That way, it was never misplaced or lost. No problem.

Today, everything has to be locked all the time. Of course, part of that is to satisfy the insurance companies. Should something be missing, the insurance company will want to know if it was locked up, protected.

Why am I off on security and locks today? Because I received an advertisement for a new lock system for your house. Programmable locks. It’s not enough to have a lock. Now, you need a lock system. Some models were keyless and could easily be reprogrammed if someone stole an entry code.

There are now locks available that read your fingerprint, and for the truly secure place, you can have a retina scan for authorization.

Some offered the important feature of capturing the time and date when anyone entered through the locked door. You could even have unique keys or codes for the different people you allowed to enter the locked door and the system would track the entry of each person and provide you with a printout of all authorized use of the lock.

And for the serious security person, there were some that came with a camera connected wirelessly to the lock that would give you a time-stamped video of who entered and what code they used.

Now, this is real progress. This tells us just how far we have come.

Not necessarily in the right direction, but we’ve moved.

So, in the important study of great advances, or retreats, in the human race, don’t forget locks. Surely they measure something. But, do we want to know what?

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