Daily Review: A Case of Sour Grapes by Gae-Lynn Woods

Colorful, devious and lovable characters in the Fortney County mysteries satisfy the need for an adventuresome, enticing and enjoyable read.

Wine, women, and song. What could possibly go wrong?

Meet Maxine Leverman, lover of expensive shoes, beautiful handbags, and her lingerie wearing ex-husband’s hush money. When she pleads her way into a job at family run Lost and Found Investigations, Maxine’s only goal is to gain the concealed carry license and PI skills she needs to find the man who attacked her, and then kill him. (Or maybe just put him in jail, that decision can wait.)

But when she secretly takes a missing husband case on her first day at the agency, she stumbles into a high-stakes game of blackmail and murder. Maxine must unravel the links between a forgotten folk punk band, an international drug cartel, and the tangled history of the missing husband to keep the women in his life alive.

Fans of the early Stephanie Plum novels and Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker series will love Maxine’s tenacity, grit, and lust for life.

Gae-Lynn Woods

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By Daniel C. Chamberlain

I started reading Gae-Lynn Woods with her first novel The Devil of Light. There I was introduced to Cass Elliot, her female protagonist who had a few demons of her own to deal with, not to mention a whole host of new demons the police force was battling. Her second book, Avengers of Blood was – like her first – a rather dark tale, told well and we were treated to another Cass Elliot adventure in Forney County.

A Case of Sour Grapes is a departure for Gae-Lynn, in that the story is a rather light-hearted romp of a mystery story with a host of new characters to add to the list of Forney County favorites we hope to see again. Yes, Cass is there, but she’s not the main character here.

Enter private detective “Maxine Leverman,” who would drive me absolutely crazy if I were her boss, and who would lead me down the road to perdition if I were her friend. In either case, Forney County isn’t quite ready for a gun-carrying, badge toting Maxine and her best friend Cass has her hands full keeping the lovely lady out of trouble and away from danger.

This is the fun side of Gae-Lynn’s writing and if you are a fan of Cass Elliot, you won’t be sorry you selected this book for a light read. One has to to think we haven’t heard the last of Maxine and that is good news for Gae-Lynn Woods fans. Cass is the no-nonsense police detective, and Maxine is the…well, the complimentary opposite of Cass. No matter where the next story goes, GLW fans can’t lose.

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By C. Clouse

Loved, loved, loved this book! Just when you think you know who the killer is, you discover it’s not who you thought it was. I have read Ms. Wood’s previous books and love them all.

Her characters easily flow from one book to the next yet there’s enough information in each book so that if that’s the only book you read you, will truly understand her characters and what pushes them. Some new characters were introduced in this book and I hope they reappear in subsequent books.

Looking forward to the next book!

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By Nancy White

In Gae-Lynn Woods’ latest novel, our favorite detective, Cass Elliot, teams up with her buddy, Maxine Leverman, in a delightful caper of whodunit.

A Case of Sour Grapes keeps the reader on edge with suspense while sprinkled lightly with the homespun Southern charm of small town life. Looking for a fun mystery? Colorful, devious and lovable characters in the Fortney County mysteries satisfy the need for an adventuresome, enticing and enjoyable read.

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