Can someone please direct me to the shortcut?



Don’t we all feel that way sometime?

You knock your head against the wall for a few years, and every now and then you wonder if there is an easier way to skin the cat.

I suppose I have been thinking about this lately because I am in the middle of at least three projects on three different fronts, and I see no shortcuts in sight.

In my original day job, the one that predates Caleb and Linda Pirtle, I am working on a case that is heating up.  For me this means many hours of preparation time for the upcoming events, preparation time that brooks no quick fixes.  All I can do is hunker down and spend hours getting ready.

On the audiobook front, I am working on the narration of a book for another author with an end of the month deadline. Although I anticipate I will complete the project ahead of schedule, I will only do so by holding to a regimen of daily work, as many hours a day as I can give it before I lose my focus and the performance level diminishes. That book will probably require about fifty hours of my time this month.

No shortcuts there.

Then there is that pesky new book I am trying to write.

It demands my full attention when I am working on it. And as the authors out there know, a work in progress also demands attention when one is not working on it.  It is always lurking in the recesses of a writer’s brain.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this job.  You know, the one where Caleb Pirtle and I peck away at blogs and such day by day.

In my case in recent days my pecking has been more intermittent than usual.  But here I am at seven o’clock on a Wednesday evening slapping a few words on the page.  That’s about the time of day Caleb begins to wind down from the last fifteen hours or so he has spent on the job of keeping VG rocking and rolling.

All of this is to say that, so far as I can tell, if a person hopes to accomplish anything worth accomplishing, he can forget about looking for shortcuts. Whether it be in family, art or business attaining lasting results is a matter of plain old hour after hour after hour of putting in the time.

Besides, if I took a shortcut, I ‘d probably find the road was washed out, and I’d have to back track to the main road.

And then I would have lost a little more precious time.

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