Cacophony al fresco, a review of Jim Callan’s Murder A Cappella

Murder A Capella

Murder A Capella is a tightly crafted cozy murder mystery, a fun book with a big twist at the end.

Set in exotic, historic San Antonio, Texas, during the International Convention of the Sweet Adelines, the story chronicles a double homicide at the Alamo, the seat of Texas Independence.

The main character, Tina Overton, a contestant at the convention and also a police officer with the Fort worth police department, witnesses the murders and volunteers to assist the San Antonio PD in its investigation.  That investigation leads her to drill deep into the inner workings of the international organization.

James R. Callan co-wrote the book with his daughter, Diane Bailey, who joined the women’s musical group Sweet Adelines in the 1990s and competed at her first international competition in San Antonio. The inside track Bailey’s personal knowledge of the world of such competitions provides  gives an authentic base for the novel’s plot.  The book is filled with references, direct and oblique, to the world of music and of close harmony singing in particular.

One reviewer on Amazon stated his review like this: Wow, What a refreshing tale. A great story,and one that is a good read for any age group. Young adults as well as “old timers” like myself. I have been a mystery reader all my life and usually can figure them out, but this one fooled even me with an interesting twist at the very end. Give us more to enjoy from this author.

I agree.

I highly recommend Murder A Capella for mystery and thriller fans.

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