C. S. McDonald: One of the Top 25 Cozy Mystery Writers You Need To Be Reading

You’ll love Fiona and the quirky, but oh so charming, Detective Landry.

C.S. McDonald taught dance and choreographed shows for twenty-six years. Nowadays, she resides with her husband and her poorly behaved Cocker Spaniel, Allister, on their Thoroughbred farm, Fly-by-Night Stables, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. George the Pony is a real pony who lives among the tall Thoroughbreds on their farm.

In 2016, Ms. McDonald decided to write a cozy mystery series. The Fiona Quinn Mysteries are quick clean reads for anyone 10 to 110! You’ll love Fiona and the quirky, but oh so charming, Detective Landry. Fiona is a kindergarten teacher and an unlikely sleuth from Pittsburgh.

If you’ve never been to Pittsburgh, welcome to this wonderful city! If you live in Pittsburgh, you’re sure to recognize many of the venues featured in the books. Ms. McDonald has even sprinkled a little Pittsburghese into her stories just for fun. Yinz will love it

You can check out all the books, listen to excerpts from the audiobooks and more at C.S. McDonald’s website: www.georgethepony.com

C. S. McDonald

Murder on Pointe

Fiona can’t wait to attend the performance of Coppelia at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. Her old friend, Silja Ramsay, is dancing the principal role.

They have dinner after the show, but when they return Pittsburgh Ballet Theater is down one dancer! Ballerina, Alexis Cartwright, has been found dead in the dressing room.

Is this murder a result of hot tempers among the cast members?

Or is it a random act of violence?

Will there be more murders?

Homicide Detective Nathan Landry isn’t taking any chances. After finding out Fiona has a strong background in ballet, he recruits her to go undercover among the cast of Coppelia.

Can Fiona help catch a killer, or will she be the next victim?

Tastes Like Murder

The bridesmaid dresses are ruffles and ruffles of ugly, one bridesmaid is trying to micro-manage…well, pretty much everything, and the bride-to-be is a total bridezilla! Wedding bells will soon be ringing, but as usual, Fiona is a bridesmaid and not a bride.

As the maid of honor, how can Fiona keep the volatile pre-wedding festivities running smoothly?

The problem is abruptly solved when the bride drops over dead at the elegant wine-tasting wedding rehearsal. Yikes! Who poisoned the wine?

The suspects are lining up, and Fiona finds herself at the top of the list!

Double yikes! It’s a vintage murder case for Fiona, Detective Landry, and the gang.


Mambo and Murder

Three ballroom dancers were murdered over 40 years ago. Wow, that’s one old cold case. What’s more, the murderer, who was thought to have been killed during a police chase, has resurfaced in Pittsburgh.

Yikes! How can that be?

Worse, ballroom dancing simply isn’t Detective Nathan Landry’s forte. After weeks of practice, Nathan still has two left feet.

Can Fiona step in to guide Nathan through this dancing debacle or will it take 40 years for the detective to find his footing?

Double yikes! Join Fiona and detective Landry in this high-stepping whodunit!

Saddle Up for Murder

Fiona is in total shock when her mother arrives unannounced on her doorstep. What’s going on? Why, she’s left Fiona’s father, that’s what.

Yikes! Worse, a horse trainer is murdered outside his ex-wife’s home in Pittsburgh, and the trail leads directly to a Thoroughbred racetrack in the neighboring state of West Virginia.

Get ready, because the suspects are mounting up and heading down the stretch.

Whoa! Fiona and Detective Landry aren’t horsing around with this homicide!

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