C. A. Larmer: One of the Top 50 Indie Writers You Need To Be Reading

She writes  a dash of romance, a splash of adventure, tantalizing mysteries, and plenty of humour.

Christina Larmer was born and bred in tropical Papua New Guinea, educated in Australia and has lived and worked around the world including New York, Los Angeles and London.

An editor by trade, she now freelances and writes fiction from her home in the hinterland behind Byron Bay, on the East coast of Australia, which she shares with her musician husband, two boys, a dog, six chickens and countless snakes.

Apart from her latest novel, An Island Lost, Christina has published three books in the Roxy Parker Ghostwriter Mystery series (pen name C.A. Larmer) called Killer Twist, A Plot to Die For, and  Dying Words, and a non-fiction book called A Measure of Papua New Guinea (Focus, 2008. Her new mystery series was called The Agatha Christie Book Club.

Contact Christina online at christinalarmer.com, read her short fiction at freequickreads.blogspot.com, or email her at: christina.larmer@gmail.com

C. A. Larmer


The Agatha Christi Book Club

When Alicia Finlay walks out on her boring old book club and decides to start a new one—one devoted to her favorite mystery writer—little does she know her new club is about to stumble into a mystery of their own. It’s a mystery so baffling it would leave literature’s greatest slueths scratching thier heads…

After gathering seven crime buffs together—including ditzy librarian Missy, fashionista Claire, paleontologist Perry, dashing Dr Anders, a poisons expert, and socialite Barbara Parlour—Alicia grows suspicious when one of them fails to show for the next book club. Barbara has vanished and her husband, Arthur, seems coldly unconcerned. The group suspects him of foul play until he shows up dead. With two baffling mysteries and time fast running out, the book club decides to investigate.

So begins the first instalment of the Agatha Christie Book Club (ACBC), a motley collection of amateur sleuths who must sort the real clues from the red herrings to solve the murder of Arthur Parlour and the mystery of his missing wife. As the ACBC uncover a stream of shifty suspects, they must also look closer to home because each of the book clubbers is hiding a secret that could crack the case wide open.

Murder on the Orient (SS):

In this refreshingly modern take on the classic whodunnit, the AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB set sail on replica steamship the SS Orient and quickly encounter eerie echoes of their favorite fictional crime—a menacing note, a passenger dead in bed, and more clues than you can poke a blood-soaked dagger at.

With no CCTV, a shipful of shifty passengers, and enough red herrings to fill a seafood platter, the book club friends must abandon their shuffleboard and attempt to solve the crime.

Jump aboard for the second gripping adventure of the beloved amateur sleuths who include devoted sisters, a dishy doctor, a bubbly librarian and a vintage queen. This time there’s a new member lurking in the wings, a barman with a bad attitude and a secret worth keeping.

With a dash of romance, a splash of adventure and plenty of humour, this is a fun, fast-paced read for those who like unexpected plot twists, endearing ensemble characters and gripping page-turners.

Evil Under the Stars

The latest page-turner in the highly recommended AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOK CLUB series. This time a young woman is discovered dead on a blanket during a moon-light movie, with hundreds of witnesses and not a suspect in sight.

How did no one see the killer strike?

How did no one hear the victim scream?

And how could the mystery-loving book club be lounging nearby and miss the whole event?!

When local detectives hit a brick wall, the amateur sleuths channel their resources to investigate. It soon turns into a battle of wits between the beloved friends and the Homicide Squad, with newcomer Inspector Liam Jackson caught firmly in the middle.

A fun, fast-paced adventure for those looking for a well-written, contemporary whodunnit with plot twists and turns and an ensemble cast you’ll adore.

Dying Words

When a dying man utters Roxy’s name with his final, gasping breath, our merlot-swilling ghostwriter is thrown into the middle of her most baffling—and brutal—cozy mystery yet. Why would someone Roxy barely knows call out HER name on his deathbed? What did he give her that holds the key to his murder? And is it linked to a ghoulish burglar who looks strangely like Bugs Bunny?

Thus begins the fourth stand-alone adventure in the Ghostwriter Mystery series by top-selling cozy author C.A. Larmer. In this instalment, Roxy is hired by the dead man’s daughter to find a missing photograph that’s more than just a happy snap—it hides a secret so chilling, it will leave you gasping until the very end.

In Roxy’s most confounding mystery to date, it’s not just about murder, it’s about greed, betrayal and cold-blooded revenge. But don’t despair! There are plenty of laughs along the way as we reunite with Roxy’s motley mates, including cool cop Gilda and hunky boyfriend Max. He’s trying hard to support Roxy’s death fetish but has a bombshell of his own to drop.

Buckle your seatbelts for another gripping Ghostwriter Mystery ride by the author of the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club.

A Plot to Die For

Pack your swimsuit and sunnies, ghostwriter Roxy Parker is back and this time she’s heading to a luxury Pacific island resort where evil is afoot.

When Roxy accepts the exotic ghostwriting gig she expects little more than a good story and a touch of sunstroke. What she gets is her hotelier client buried in the sand, her head protruding ghoulishly for the crabs to devour, and an ensemble cast of cocktail-sipping characters who are all hiding something behind their Gucci sunglasses.

In this modern homage to a Christie classic, Roxy must solve the mystery of her client’s murder while stuck on an island with the prime suspects. Along the way, the amateur sleuth encounters machete-wielding locals, shifty fellow guests, and an island paradise where the ghosts of past mistakes still linger behind every coconut.

With a cracking pace and plenty of humour, this baffling mystery will have you scratching your head until the final, Hercule Poirot-style conclusion. If the ‘Big Reveal’ doesn’t leave you gasping into your gin and tonic, it just might make you reconsider your next island holiday.

Funnier and more contemporary than your typical ‘cozy’, A PLOT TO DIE FOR is the second, stand-alone mystery for ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

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