Brooklyn Quintana: Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source

Join Dark Fantasy Author Brooklyn Quintana tonight, March 5, at 7 p.m. EST, for the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Brooklyn Quintana is a Texas a-based author, artist, and content creator.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Central Florida.  After realizing a graduate degree in law wasn’t for her, she left the confines of her corporate cubical and pursued her lifelong passion of storytelling.  When she isn’t writing, illustrating, or filming, Brooklyn spends her time in the company of her beloved German Shepherd, Major Tom.

Brooklyn, an early acolyte of the strange and unusual, writes fantasy adventures set in a surreal world where life, death, and all the chaos in the middle converge. Fynneas Fog: Nine of Swords is her debut novel and the first in a planned series.

Brooklyn is also founder of Morpheus Media, LLC, an alternative to traditional, big-five publishing houses. Because of the company’s smaller size, MMLLC is dedicated to cultivating new talent from idea conception to publication.

Having found the route of traditional publishing to be both tedious and unfulfilling creatively, Brooklyn set out to create something special – a company that would be devoted to its creative talent and the relentless pursuit excellence.

Morpheus Media, LLC, is dedicated to creativity and imagination. Though at the moment the company only services authors, in the future the hope is to expand into other mediums and represent talent in both visual art and content creation.

Brooklyn Quintana

Fynneas Fog: Nine of Swords

Having grown up in the solitude of the north and Godsreach, Fynn is entirely unprepared for what awaits him when he and his family arrive at the capital city.

He knew things would be different, but he never imagined his year would be fraught with murder, monsters, and magic.

Quickly, Fynn learns that not everything is as it seems and there are plenty of secrets yet uncovered – secrets held by none other than his own family.

With all the stress of being a young royal embroiled in an age-old conflict between the world of the living and the creatures beyond, the young prince is in for more than he may be able to handle. Not only that, but he has to contend with the upcoming school year.

At the end of the summer and far from home and everything that’s familiar, Fynn has to learn to work with his classmates if any of them are going to have a chance of making it through their first year at the Morancy Academy of Military Arts.

Stuck on an island full of eccentric instructors, enchanted jungles, man-eating mermaids, labyrinths, and talking spiders, will any of them make it to the end of year games?

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